Installing a toner cartridge in a HP laserjet 2605dn

This video was created for anyone needing help installing a toner cartridge in a laserjet 1600/2605/2605dn printer.


  1. suppliesexperts

    This is a very informative Video, thanks!

  2. kevz93

    This may be a simple video to some.. but it really did help me!

  3. hallie352

    Love HP products. Officetronics is a scam and fraud. Sold me this product that was suppose to be new and it was refurbished.

  4. dipshitarsewipe

    Thank you. To the point and it worked for me.

  5. ffiiccoo

    Thanks dude.. u really made my day! I know that there was someone on the net who can help me! see ya

  6. MaasterMax

    Same here 🙂

  7. busesareawesome

    Does that printer take 4 or 5 ink cartridges?

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