Inkjet Waterslide Decal Media 1

How to make a Waterslide Decal using your home inkjet printer.


  1. Stratboy999

    Can you use laquer over these, and where can I get decap papers? Thanks.

  2. 100roberthenry

    same question really as above….

    can i laquer these after printing or will the colour run!!!!..i wish to use these on guitar pedals…..

  3. BigAndTall666

    Very wasteful layout!!!

  4. mythkirsty

    great info

  5. kevinpt3

    can i use it on like a car window. i want to print it and use it on the inside of a car window and be able to see it from the back side of the decal

  6. rhn94

    @kevinpt3 you have 2 print the inverted version of ur design 2 stick it on the inside of ur car 🙂

  7. doraff02

    You forgot to spray them with Sealent after you got them sticking. So they won’t come off.

  8. SparedBile

    what brand of decal paper do you use?

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