Inkjet water-slide decal paper

Use this paper to make transfers for almost any surface. Print the paper through you inkjet printer and then spray will acrylic spray. Soak in water for 1 minute and the decal paper will slip off the backing paper. Slide the decal onto the surface you are decorating and smooth out using a cloth, leave to dry for 24 hours. Great for model making, candles, soap, ceramics and much much more..


  1. thesnazz

    1—-Buy a BIG roll of clear see thru tape
    2—-Tape over any design or picture
    3—-with edge of your thumbnail go over
    taped picture untill you see the image
    nice & clear.
    4—-Cut out the image
    5—-Dip in water
    6—-Rub off the backing of decale
    very slowly!
    7—-Dip in water again to wash it nice
    8—-And now you can put it on anything!.
    9—-Practice makes perfect.

  2. thesnazz

    Let me tell you how to make
    a super nice decale for less
    than a dollar & in 5 minutes!

  3. x1MissWorld1x

    does your way work with any kind of paper? its quite interesting, and more affordable of course.

  4. thesnazz


    Pretty much any type of paper
    BUT!..white & try to use the
    thinnest paper for best results.

    I’ve used good old white Copying
    paper with excellent results!.


  5. SayWalah

    thats the most useless product iv ever seen, altough i would like the narator to give me a blowjob

  6. Arlcam777333

    why did she have to spray it with acrylic? Is it because it was inkjet print and not laser print? Can i do a decal with a inkjet printer and not have to spray it?

  7. dtjlc

    you have to spray acrylic with printouts from inkjets or else the colors will bleed once you soak the decals. the clear acrylic works as a top coat for your print.

  8. gotparts90

    she does sound sexy, i might be fappin right now to her voice

  9. BoeingNerd

    how would i print out white text?

  10. YourfriendHannnah

    you could print out black outlined white text and then cut off the black if you’d like. =] just an idea. I’ve actually never done this.

  11. Torpedoeight

    Speak Up!

  12. brandon18888

    can i use hair spray? lol

  13. GAMBlT

    This is awesome, this is awesome!

  14. jrbryan5000

    what kind of papaer was this?

  15. lilsis

    Can you use it for car decal?

  16. 282624x

    yeah thats what i was thinking and the durability maybe this stuff last a week 🙂

  17. MyThickRick

    try it, and see what happens. i don’t think the ink will last.

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