Inkjet vs Laser

Samsung’s brandnew compact color laser printer CLP-310 at CeBIT 2008


  1. gotecki


  2. tommylefox

    Did you get a chance to see the print quality on one of these? They have just arrived in the UK and I am thinking of getting one.

  3. Bluesage2009


    You have highlighted HP’s biggest weakness

  4. aabsc

    The laser is way slower than today’s business inkjet printers that are 35 pages/minute, look how slow the laser is and compare it to the HP L7780 in my videos, the inkjet is easily 3-4 times faster.

  5. littlestworkshop

    Just don’t put the printer on a fish tank (or cheap unit) and all is OK 🙂

  6. TehMG

    I don’t know why they would even compare that laser to a business inkjet printer. The way I see it, this color laser seems more fitting for a SOHO environment than a demanding business environment.

  7. agungk

    hwat? old inkjet might rattle your desk while printing. but it’s much quieter now.

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