Inkjet vs Laser Printers – Everyone has a printer, but what type do you have?


  1. DiggerOwl

    Anyone heard anythign good about the clp 315 or clp 315w?

    PCMag picked the clp 315 as an editor’s choice, but I was wondering if anyone else liked it

  2. aabsc

    You said yourself you haven’t looked at inkjets in a long time, I recommend you do. Most business inkjets (starting at less than $150) are faster than laser (35 pages/minute) and cost significantly less in ink than a laserprinter costs in toner. You can also knock the ink cost to about 100 times cheaper than laser by using a continuous ink system. I’ve printed over 175,000 prints on HP business inkjets and never bought a single cartridge or had a single problem.

  3. aabsc

    See my videos to see how fast my HP L7780 business inkjet prints, it’s faster in color and lasers are in black.

  4. aabsc

    Check the HP L7780, I have a video of it in my videos. It’s faster than laser (35 pages/min), cheaper per page in ink, much higher print quality and does both duplex printing and scanning.

  5. aabsc

    HP business inkjets do about 2500 prints on one $25 black cartridge and over 1000 in color. Any laser will cost much more and print slower. Only the home inkjet printers cost absurd amounts in ink, not the business models.

  6. DrMR2000

    I have a highend HP Photosmart Pro B8850 injet one of the best on the market work the same way as a business class feed the ink tru the lines to the head, love the thing print very good but no way can do 175,000 pages on a single cartridge only about 250 page if even that. (And your using a continuous ink system with it, most people won’t now how to installed one, and buy $100 injet printer, won’t expect people to pay $800 for a printer and $129 for the ink system.) A decent laser $350-$600

  7. DrMR2000

    $299 for it is not bad at all, is worth looking at.

  8. aabsc

    I never said I did 175,000 prints on a single cartridge, I said I did 175,000 without every buying a single cartridge because I use a continuous ink system. The Business models do about 2500 prints per $25 cartridge if you don’t want a CIS, but the CIS costs less than the cartridges and is no harder to install than installing regular cartridges, if you know how to replace the cartridges you can install a CIS. They also have it in a printer only model, the K5400 for about $100-150.

  9. mobilephone2002

    I have a canon pixma mp140 and the ink is about £17.99 for black and £21.85 for colour at argos.and i buy the recommended ink cartridges but they are GREAT AND SO CHEAP! so i recommend getting a canon pixma mp140.UKONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Northisbest

    ink sucks. I had for 30 papers then empty ink it so quick…

  11. SGFUNK77

    If you have qeustions concerning Ink Vs Toner (InkJet Vs LaserJet) Let me know. I’m a printer service technicain and I have 8 years in the printing buisness. Some of the information you have posted here is incorrect or insufficient. Take it from a pro. There is always someone near you who is in the same feild as I am. Make call to all of them and go with the one you trust the most. You’ll be able to tell those who know from those who don’t just by the converation you have with them.

  12. SGFUNK77

    buy recycled cartrides from a local recycler. You’ll find them in your phonebook. you’ll save even more and the prints will be just as good. I’m guessing you’ve had it serviced a few times. I haven’t seen an HP III yet without at least a 50 service error

  13. SGFUNK77

    Hell YEAH lol Textronix now know as XEROX. They bought them out for around 1.4 bill.

  14. dylans26

    I love this review you did and I’m on the same boat as you. I’ve owned in the past nothing but inkjet and they’ve been nothing but slow and those red lines when a cartridge is finishing is horrid. They don’t print much pages yet the ink finishes really fast. I bought my first laser printer this year in january and it hasn’t given me any problems and it’s very fast and quiet while the inkjets I’ve owned were very loud. The printer I own is a Canon MF4370

  15. GGGframpton

    Could not agree more, buddy, my first printer was an ink jet-expensive, went thru cartriges like no tomorrow, towards the end of cartrige, terrible quality; just bought my first laser-printer today and i love it, it is a dream, will keep ya posted on its performance, it is just a cheap one (Samsung ML-2240), but that is all I need as I only ever print off flight confirmations, booking times, reservations, etc., etc., you do very nice reviews, by the way!

  16. AVFCMAN1874


  17. aqueel82

    as they say “ink is cheaper but laser is better” hence I like laser. But ink is cheaper. But Laser is better. I have Ink, but i would like laser. Laser is expensive, ink is bad quality.

  18. seuferreira123

    inkjet for home, laser for office. it’s easy. by the way… inkjet has less quality????? really? where? in dreamming laserlandia?

  19. MMZen

    laser is FASTER? What the fuck are you talking about? Every single laser printer I’ve ever seen has been much slower than inkjet until you get into the very expensive range. Also, I’ve heard of several problems with color laser printers where they actually require you to replace ALL the cartridges when one color runs out, how the fuck is that cheaper? I’m not defending the garbage inkjet printes by any means but I don’t think laserjet is the panacea you are making it out to be.

  20. riyusVids69

    well he makes great money off it

  21. vinh32y

    i have a canon pixma ip1600 and is that a old old i mean like not made anymore old? i havent used laser yet

  22. Matanjun1970

    This Must The Oldes This Guy Have,

  23. kbj76

    I just bought my laser this past saturday. I use my inkjet only when I need color now. The laser is 4 times faster. It is a Lexmark e260d

  24. xLinkinPark209x

    would it be cheaper though in the long run to get the laser jets?? i want a printer thats quiet and fast.

  25. SimulacronX

    This is the most exciting video I’ve seen

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