Inkjet Transfers Printing on Metal

Learn new processes for inkjet printing on metal, metal leaf and non-porous surfaces using custom precoats and gelatin transfers to metal. All processes are suitable for most desktop and wide format printers using pigment inks. This seminar series is for all artists and photographers looking for alternative processes for expanding on how to express their own creative voice.


  1. echospetr

    Fabulous! Thanks so much!

  2. catman1031

    so will sanding the finish permanently dull the metallic appearance? can the gloss be brought back?

  3. emmasweeny

    What desktop printers have a straight paper path and adjustable print-head height so they can feed sheet metal?

  4. heratus007

    wonderfl tutorial thanks

  5. riseabuv


  6. 18F4V

    Very interesting. Good tutorial. Thanks

  7. akm1491951

    Is it possible to print on SILVER METAL please. Can you answer me

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