Inkjet Printing on Guitar Picks – an Application of PromoJET Solvent Inkjet from ICN

Inkjet printing on plastic guitar picks.: Red Sox logo. More about PromoJET inkjet from Inkcups Now:


  1. doctorlava

    What does this machine cost?
    Where would I buy one?

  2. skiesforshining

    I want one!!

  3. InvisiMan2006

    How safe it is to be holding products that were printed using solvent ink? Do you have an MSDS sheet available for the ink?

  4. InkcupsNow

    @InvisiMan2006 Solvents are volatile organic compounds (VOC), they evaporate after printing – which means that printed products are safe for handling. But if you print all over your skin or drink the solvent ink, it would be another story 🙂 I do have MSDS for PromoJET ink – please contact me at [email protected] so that I can send you the file.

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