Inkjet Direct PCB Printing With Full Spectrum Engineering Custom CD Holder

Easiest way to make PCBs! Just print the custom sized PCBs with the Custom CD Holder with the custom Ink Resist Ink, dry and etch! Make a PCB in 5mins start to finish! See details at


  1. namakemonoga

    That is awesome no more glossy paper and iron 🙂

  2. FredRorex

    You don’t have a problem with the ink smearing? And I assume that the ink is not water soluble…

  3. happygamestvfun1

    takes so damn long!
    O hand how did you get the board off/on to the printer to print out a PCB board?

  4. AlienRelics

    @FredRorex The ink must be baked to set it before etching. The board should be prepped before printing. He’s got instructions on his website, in the comments above.

  5. sirdonkeypunch

    thats fucking awesome, only thought that was used for printing on c80 pvc cards primarily.

  6. sirdonkeypunch

    @happygamestvfun1 its because that port of the epson r280 is meant for c80 sized pvc cards, so long as your PCB is within that c80 size spec, shouldnt have much problems so long as its not a real thick board. if its around the same width of a credit card (aka: a c80 sized PVC card) then you should in theory be able to print on a pcb.

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