Inkjet cartridge refilling

Priced at 95, the EasyFill is the industry’s most affordable way to vacuum-fill cartridges. Our customers have asked for a precision, low-cost machine — and this is it. The EasyFill is a quality machine designed for primary or supplemental filling, and is ideal for filling specialty or occasional cartridges. Now you can expand production at your existing or satellite locations, without breaking the bank! The EasyFill’s proprietary, horizontal valve assembly was ergonomically engineered for ease-of-use. The valves and hoses are manufactured with durable, chemically inert materials, resulting in precision flow-control and trouble-free operation. With its universal vacuum-fill chamber, the EasyFill puts OEM filling technology in the hands of everyone. The EasyFill’s powerful vacuum pump quickly evacuates 95% of the air, eliminating troublesome air bubbles from the cartridge and print head — ensuring successful refills. Now you can process all of the popular integrated and non-integrated sponge cartridges, making the EasyFill an indispensable asset to any size operation. Features OEM Vacuum-Fill Technology Universal Vacuum Chamber Semi-automatic Operation Precision needle-guide alignment Proprietary Horizontal Valve design Chemically Inert valve & hose construction Compact Footprint (only 16 x 10 x 10)! Low voltage electronics Benefits Low-cost, high-quality solution Eliminates air bubbles to ensure remanufacturing success Maximum cartridge compatibility Precision flow


  1. Sror3d

    Idk I would just rather buy the ink but good invention

  2. warrior7772

    Your product sucks! You now have new and old ink mixed. And the low quality of your ink causes artifacts on the page and the printhead to clog up over time. And also may void the manufacturer’s warranty for print quality issues.

  3. nzando

    warrior, our equipment is sold to professional remanufacturing companys who sell millions of remanufactured cartridges in stores like office depot, walmart, cartridge world, etc. and at a fraction of the cost. Our equipment is only used in the context of a 10 step process which address all of the concerns you correctly raised. For example: flushing & centrifuging eliminates all ink residues. Additionally, refilling with OCP inks from Germany exceeds the exact specifications of OEM inks.

  4. warrior7772

    Your product uses inferior ink, it can never match the OEM ink. I am an engineer at Epson for the inkjet products. Generic inks causae print quality issues as well as clogging up the printhead over time. We do not warranty failures due to generic ink being used. My friend at Brother is in the same position and has the same warranty issues with inferior inks. Have a nice day.

  5. loosestudios

    Epson printer went they work prints look good
    a lot of printers( I have rx 680,rx 380), fail with epson ink,Don’t accept epson cartridges say they are empty went ink is still in them
    Don’t work from day one right out the box

    You say you are engineer for the ink
    then do A a better job with the machine And stop trying to milk the public with over price ink

    BullShit and the Greed
    You( Epson) printer suck
    We will have a nice day went we turn on the printer and they come ON

  6. andrew03080

    YES!!!! ALL YOU GREED PEOPLE FROM BIG COMPANIES!!!! you research your works and all research expenses are us to pay for!!! before cartridges carry lots of ink, now 6 milliliters only!!!

  7. nmhsjunk

    Epson is a pathetic little company.
    It couldn’t even see the light of day, even when thrown under the sun.
    I wouldn’t touch your shitty products with a 10 foot pole!

  8. 4plex123

    dear r jet
    you failed to tell people that if the cart is not empty it will over flow
    you also failed to say alot of other details
    like dryed printer head
    and so on

  9. TehMG

    Yeah well guess what? Epson has turned into possibly the worst printer manufacturer ever. Expensive inks, chips on the cartridges that say the ink is empty and refuse to print, when in fact there is still ink in the cartridge. Some of the models of printer require frequent nozzle cleaning to unclog them from the dried up ink (even the genuine Epson ink!) and wastes a lot of ink in doing so.

    My first Epson inkjet printer will also be my last. When I’ve gone through the ink, which shouldn’t take

  10. TehMG

    long at all, in the dumpster the printer goes!

    Oh, btw, my parent’s 10 year old HP printer still prints as good as when they first bought it, and they refill it with generic inks all the time. No problems.

    I blame the shitty engineering of Epson printers. It is clear that they don’t care about quality, all they want is to milk consumers with the cost of purchasing ink cartridges.


  11. Motiontomotion

    Exuse me but handfilling works ten times faster and is much more accurate.

    Easy way > ???

    This is a total waste of time machine

  12. safeway56

    Seems an awful lot of engineering for the simple task of refilling ink cartridges.

  13. rodras4

    I guess that the quality of the ink depends on the decision of the machine’s owner. On the other hand, there is not a surprise that any company gives warranty when you use an aftermarket or refilled cartridge. We all know that the real business for Epson, Brother and so on is not in the printer itself, but in the consumables. Finally; doing the maths, I can save about $300 in a year using refilled cartridges and a new printer cost me about $200. Then I guess it’s clear the logical choice. Sorry!

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