Ink Savings in Cool Animation

Animation adds a dynamic spin to ink savings – see how much you could save by switching to Kodak.


  1. ivv310

    this animation is amazing, it better win!!

  2. JVarta

    I’m so glad everyone is enjoying my animated short! When I found out about the contest I knew I wanted to do something original and use my art to do just that! For more animations you can certainly visit my website (apparently you cant post links) so just google JVARTA and it is the first one:) Thanks for the support!

  3. AnnieT04

    This is awesome!!!

  4. zoeweiss

    ive been sending it to everyone i know!

  5. vikingkillah

    yo bro facebook never lies ill get ppl to view your vid

  6. kayswa08


  7. teddy2hugs

    i did my job

  8. ctakian

    Great Job Jessie, we loved your video and so did the kids and gram. We love you cuz-great job!

  9. HOT1063

    good job Jesse! 🙂

  10. Denfer1000

    ……. i have no clue of what just happened…….. oh well five stars! pretty pictures!!!!!

  11. lostatric

    RI does it best.

  12. KyouyaSan

    The animation wasn’t bad? I just don’t understand the story line. Ink cartridge picking up coins and putting them into the piggy bank… okay… something with a vault…? okay… them taking a shower in ink? What? I have no idea. It was utterly confusing. It seemed like you put a bunch of random clips of ink cartridges doing things and put them into a little montage.

    The beginning was good. The ending was good. The middle? Just. Really confusing.

  13. AlwaysTheDork

    i wabt to know wht is this for? and why ppl have 2 watch it? Its a good clip it explains dat ppl will save money on that brand and that it lastes longer then the other inks. but why is it on youtube instead of commercials? plz explain!

  14. Eyedias

    i am on this because someone on face book posted a link your welcome its pretty cool

  15. JVarta

    Thanks everyone for the support!!! For more animations you can certainly visit my website (apparently you cant post links) so just google JVARTA and it is the first one:)

  16. sweetaction92

    fuck you

  17. sweetaction92

    that was the stupidest video ever made

  18. zoeweiss


  19. Anthony6112187

    There was a clear story line – ink cartridge picking up and saving loose change, ink cartridge turning down thermostat, then two ink cartridges are taking a shower together and saving water (and money), then an ink cartridge changes the light bulb to a much more energy efficient bulb, finally an ink cartridge is adding up the price of the competitors over priced ink cartridges then comparing it to the very cheap kodak in cartridges.

  20. feebs10

    Great Job on the animation and interesting to watch! Although the message is not completely clear until the end. Also, the animation can take away from the point.

  21. Awesomeonomy


  22. zoeweiss

    it starts off saying “does your ink save you money” and then it shows way that ink saves you money. i think its very clear.

  23. zoeweiss

    it shows how ink saves money in a funny way, obviously

  24. DogtoonMedia

    Wonderful! great concept!! 😀

  25. Robdaphobia

    great job!

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