Ink Savings for College Kids

With a little help from his roommate, one college student learns he can make his dollar go further by switching to Kodak ink.


  1. FutureInventions

    lol That was cool!

  2. AZMissMurder


  3. pluotsandcheese

    Beautiful Zach 🙂

  4. ibiketoschool555


  5. kev12mich

    lolwut. this one wins!

  6. themanzach999

    hahahahhahaha great

  7. vietboi904


  8. sunsweet45

    Go Zach!

  9. FreshVintage462

    lol funny video! I’ll buy Kodak 😉

  10. paanenson

    Great video guys!!!

  11. AshenClay

    Poorly put together. “Ink intervention” should win this. The others do not compare.

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