Ink Is It! Episode 05 – Fly Swattin’!

Nathan & Max have a couple suggestions for those inkless printers — get ready to swat flies and get a full body workout all the way to the top of your game.


  1. okieboyz

    I guessed Dolph Lungren.

  2. aDifferentView

    LOL. Nice. Greatness.

  3. inkisit

    Yay for Ivan Drago!

  4. inkisit


  5. parymich777

    hey nathan, you keep exercising like that and you will look AND sound like arny! LOL
    Max, don’t hurt yourself with the fly swatter, I worry about you….
    Great video!

  6. inkisit

    will do!

  7. lunchboxer234

    do more videos with them bashing printers.

  8. lunchboxer234

    this by far is the funniest.

  9. striker3

    To otto432: Really is true the Kodak Printers are outstanding, the important thing is their ink is the most stable of all the printers so that is a real big deal Kodak 5500, and the ink is less expensive than all the others too:
    Hope that helps

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