Ink Intervention

A friend intervenes to save another friend from the emotional and financial toll of high priced ink.


  1. Bankylawson10

    Good Video mate. Very funny.

  2. shelbs426

    love it!! you guys are so funny! =]

  3. mergingentropy

    😀 That was a rocking good time. Thanks for the awesomeness 😉

  4. mcohen129

    Hilarious. (And persuasive!)

  5. Cmarie153

    OH. MY. GOSH. That just made my week. Possbily my month. I am proud to say I am related to these goofs. 😛

  6. imphamus

    watched all the videos for the contest… by far the best!!!! freakin hilarious! Great video, great editing, hilarious one liners!!!! keep up the awesome work and if you dont win you have a future for sure

  7. pjgarth87

    This is awesome.

  8. tuffenoughtorock

    Love you guys! Good luck!

  9. AshenClay

    And the winner is.. “INK INTERVENTION.” Far better video quality and advertising scheme than the other entries. Well put together. 5 out of 5 stars!

  10. emilyowen

    very funny!

  11. gnizneb68

    This is funny stuff! Well done!

  12. jonnfb89

    This video is great guys! It definitely deserves 1st place. Congrats cousins!

  13. jacllee

    OMG you guys are hilarious!!!! Keep up the great work and keep those views coming <3

  14. Ginat105

    Awesome!! I loved it 😉

  15. sgrachek


  16. feebs10

    The music is a very nice touch to the video. It helps set the mood and draws me into the video. Good cheesy facial expressions. 🙂 Great video for Christmas time! I could see this on television.

  17. LittleMissWerepire

    Heh heh heh! awesome!

  18. kodakcameragirl

    Very Cute!

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