Ink Cup Pad printer(Tampografia) LC Printing Machine Factory Limited Specifications︰ 1. Maximum armor plate areas: 100×200mm; 2. Printing colour: 1 3. Maximum printing speed(Pcs/hr):1200 4. Outline size: (LXWXH)650×400×800mm 5. Weight: 90kg 6. Air consumption: 130 L/min 8. Cup diameter: Φ90MM 9. Max printing area: 80×80mm. Advantages︰ 1. Controlled by microprocessor for easy operation. 2. Five-digit auto counter built-in; 3. High intensity coin aluminium machine structure; 4. Sealed cup is …


  1. SpeedDemon14pwndyou

    when it goes back into w=the machine does it get more ink? my dads a printer but he rarely uses the pad printer so i dont know

  2. printermaker

    dear sir, the ink was placed inside the ink cup. When the ink cup was moved front, the logo on the plates will stick with ink. Then the logo was transfered through the pads into the substrate. please kindly know

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