Ink Cartridge Hacking

What a ripoff. Ever wonder whats inside an ink cartridge? well you’ll find out in this video. these are the ink tanks that go to my Canon MP470 printer copier scanner. these things cost 50 bucks for a pack of 2 black and 1 color and im starting to have a collection of black cartridges so I guess I need to print more cheat codes lol, or maybe some pix in B&W for that classic look I dunno. I opened this by heating a screwdriver and pressing it into the joint untill the screwdriver went in then …


  1. coondogtheman1234

    yeah I did this video to show the world how the economy is ripping ppl off and this video is proof. I remember when I had the Canon BJC 4300 printer and id print lots of pictures and the ink lasted longer.

  2. iLoveReviews

    Cool, glad to see whats in there.

  3. jctyc15

    Thank you. It saves me lots of trouble figuring how to open it up.

  4. 30GB

    thanks now i will fill it more when i get new one

  5. phillyrocks19123

    omg i got the same printer!!

  6. coondogtheman1234

    yeah its pretty cool but the cartridges are a friggin ripoff i wish they would last longer but other than that its awesome i can scan i can print from my digital camera well you know you have this same unit.

  7. wtfisausername9999

    So… how do i refill one of these cartridges, it keeps saying that its empty then refuse to print, anyway to reset them, its a stupid printer… I cant scan without a ink cartridge in it… i might go buy a new one if i could sell my old one or something, i want to print on cds anyway… do you know any good hacks firmware replacements or anything for this printer?


  8. coondogtheman1234

    im not sure, I think mine does this too, my suggestion is to buy a new one but chances are they all do this. I really dont know.

  9. ertreri

    as far as cartiges go: it seems that the epson cartiges are the simplest looking, and easier to refill.
    The cartiges that have individual colors. If i could go back in time… and substitute this HP CXI for an epson, I wuld do it. All that matters is that the printer cartiges are easy to replace or refill.

  10. wtfisausername9999

    Yes, im thinking of getting a Epson for ink refiling and the CIS ink system for it. Before then, here is how to reset the ink for this system.

  11. zee0285


  12. CassetteMaster

    Wow. Rip off indeed!

  13. coondogtheman1234

    yeah tell me about it and if thats not bad enough my printer will not copy even in B&W unless it has a color cart in it with ink and i have plenty of black carts but it wont do anything till i get a new color cart which is stupid. I think the printer is a rip off too lol.

  14. CassetteMaster

    It’s probably the printer company’s way of getting people to make more money. Maybe.

  15. coondogtheman1234

    Probably, DAMN YOU CANON!!
    I wonder if theres a way to trick the printer into thinking that theres ink in the color cart maybe if i put rubbing alcohol in it. i dunno.

  16. chrischoy9

    For Epson cartridges you will also need a chiprester if you want to refill them

  17. Stephemu

    Are those the cartridges that came with the printer or a new set?

  18. coondogtheman1234

    new set. what a rip off huh? and they are like 50 bucks. i cant believe i bought this piece of shit printer as it wont ebven print a copy in B&W only it keeps asking for a new cart and it wont work at all till I do that. i havent tested printing from the PC.

  19. Lokivoid

    Its not the ink your paying for its the sprayhead diode and circuit your paying for. Allso you do realize you can refill most cartriges right? So reality is you only ever need to buy one cart and just buy inks by the gallon online. at least until sprayhead wears out.

  20. Stephemu

    I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had been the set that came with the printer, cos they only half-fill those ones anyway, but it does seem a little surprising for new ones. I guess the main issue is whether or not you get the number of pages they estimate on the packaging.
    I dunno about your printer, but my HP has an option that specifically says “Black Ink Cartridge Only.” If I leave it on “High Quality” it uses the colour cartridge to make the B&W look better. Maybe that’s what yours does.

  21. coondogtheman1234

    shit ill drill a tiny hole in the cart and then get 3 syringes one for each color and refill them. and you are right your are paying for the technology thats in the head not the ink b/c ive taken these things completely apart and theres an amazing amount of technology inside them and i rinsed out all the ink in the one i took apart.

  22. coondogtheman1234

    I dont think mine has that type of setting. Its a canon MP470 3 in 1 scanner copier printer and i dont think it has a setting to select B&W or color but I think you can print from the PC in B&W just not copy w/o a color cart even if you select B&W copy which is stupid. would you think that this printer has firmware?

  23. Lokivoid

    Its the driver’s i believe. Firmware is pretty basic for the most part when it comes to printing

  24. coondogtheman1234

    well this printer is also a copier and im supposed to be able to select B&W and color and it wont even let me copy in B&W b/c its like its mandatory that i replace that cart.

  25. Lokivoid

    hmm, hmm dont know what to tell you there, you could try to access the Firmware chip and see. Though if its protected not much can be done. outside of running a sensor bypass, But i really could not say without having that model of printer or circuit diagram to refrence to.

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