huge inkjet printer explosion

This is a movie of my inkjet printer with explosives inside. Watch it, rate it


  1. cpmisalive

    Another HP printer recycled 😉

  2. CameramanLink

    Awesome printer explosion! What types of fireworks did you use to make it blow up multiple times?

  3. prengded

    In Germany whe have firework pistols, in the nose of the pistol you can put a firework cracker.
    The multiple explosions where established using electronic detonation.

  4. Steelnutz

    Sweet, I’ve had problems in the past with my inkjet printer and sometimes the only way to fix the problem is with explosives

  5. 240tuner

    this is what happens when you dont properly file your TPS reports…

  6. Rp707

    call in the mexican janitor to clean it up

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