HP touchsmart PC

Take a look at the new TouchSmart Suite.


  1. ShinCefca

    so if I understand correctly, I can mount it on a wall, touch the screen to watch a movie, lay back on my couch & enjoy… oh wait, I want to skip a few chapters or maybe that’s not the movie I want to watch, I need to get my ass of the couch & re-touch the screen?

  2. ShinCefca

    you still use win 95? w0w, I’ve used win 98 until 2005… but win 95 in 2009, that’s crazy!
    Do you have an old pentium 2 266mHz with 32 meg of ram?
    Seriously why do you still use it?

  3. graffixer

    can two or more spots be touched in the same time (use of both hand in the same time)

  4. DreamBeni

    bcuz me have no money 🙁 it took 2 hours to load this video

  5. raindropsneverfall

    What’s the specs for this HP TouchSmart?

  6. kayyouman

    did you watch the video? look at :30

  7. acculink

    hmmm what should i get dell hp or apple

  8. JohannRoflol

    Looks so cool. xDDDD

    But Its a Hp. Not the best quality there is.
    Oh well. Looks nice. ^^

  9. RRingg1

    Buddy turn up your mic. You sound like your chinese or somwething. You sound preatty funny if you want to know the truth

  10. STCodes

    how do i right-click, huh??

  11. Seanbbn

    what is the deal with the touchscreen fad?

  12. PaulieandDexter

    you hold it most likely. like on my touchpad laptop..
    instead of just clicking and leting go just hold it in for a sec

  13. TheAlivePixel

    Can you play games on this computer?

    Like maybe i don’t know uhh halo combat evolved. That shouldn’t require that much of good specs

  14. sokkaisbest

    dat bull crap!!! i can touch mine with 2 fingers..

  15. kazukiRenkin

    why isnt my touch-screeen i have that computer but i dont know how to enable the touch feature if you know plz replay =D =D =D thanks

  16. AznBust3r

    wow lol

  17. mrperfect44550

    then its not a touch screen….u can’t just turn on or off a touch monitor…

  18. sharishsss

    it is a chinese narrator dude… look at the girl on the reflection 3:40

  19. sharishsss

    m getting one of them right now

  20. Hakerz10010

    fuck yeah!!! this computer is the shit!!! i have it and i highly recommend it and it is touchscreen but idk how to turn the screen off

  21. davisthuy

    u turn the sreen off by usein the remote that coms with it just press the power button on the remote

  22. asjFHBafALWJFHahfLJA

    i have it too, its AWESOME

  23. shiznanzz

    the think that might sucks about it what “if” u were eating or somone was eating food….and then they or u put ur hands on the screen lol

  24. reptileboy1001

    it’s a giant iphone

  25. 47416390

    como que lapantalla refleja mucho no ?
    el resto esta lindo

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