HP Printer Cartridges : How to Refill the HP Tri-Color Ink Cartridge

The plugs in the top of the HP tri-color ink cartridge can be pushed into the center of the cartridge without damaging the cartridge. Use a syringe to inject 12 milliliters of ink into an HP cartridge with help from an employee of an ink-filling station in this free video on HP printer cartridges…


  1. wilhub

    hi, taylor, it looks so easy, when you do it!
    i just bought an HP Deskjet F 2280, and the colour cartridege does have tricolour written on it, like in your video here. what i wanted to ask you is, when i installed the new cartridges of my new printer, i discarded the foil tape. would it be alright to use regular sellotape, to re seal it.
    thanks for your great videos,

  2. wilhub

    dont worry about the above i have answered it myself

  3. askorali

    just want to now i ust filled it in the tri colour and princes out only yellow do you think i need to print few to get the right colour

  4. xninersx

    Hi Thank you for the great video. I have a question. i did what you did I think and I did a cleaning test at the end however I don’t think my computer understands that there is ink now. It printed out the cleaning page with all the colors however the yellow doesn’t show and I know I put yellow in it.

  5. moderndesignworks

    HP is a total rip off on the cartridges. Refilling the HP cart. sometimes works, most of the time doesn’t. Leaking, smear, bad printing all the time. Never buy a HP printer, you will be much better off to get a Canon or a Epson printer with separate cartridges which cost a lot less in the long run, both time and money. You can buy Canon or Epson black and color cartridges online for about $1.50 each!!!

  6. katmell

    hi, can you tell me what order are the colours on the HP 17 tri colour cartridge for HP DeskJet printer thanks Kathy

  7. katmell

    I should have said HP DeskJet 840c for the above thanks

  8. spirit1065

    thanks for the info

  9. ertreri

    why doesn’t he need to cork the air entry way? the place where he injected the ink from?

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