HP Printer Cartridges : How to Refill HP 94 Ink Cartridges

When refilling an HP 94 ink cartridge, first remove the sticker that has been placed on it by the manufacturer. Avoid overfilling the HP 94 ink cartridge with help from an employee of an ink-filling station in this free video on HP printer cartridges. Expert: Taylor Bio: Taylor has five…


  1. timestream

    Hi Taylor. What do you mean by completely draining the cartridge before placing the it back into the printer? Do you think you can upload a small video to demonstrate this? Thanks.

  2. kptr4

    (Y) xvr por la ayuda(Y)


  3. renatoaluciano

    hi taylor how can you suck out ink out of the cartridge the needle won´t go thrught the hole on the botton it is too hard !!!!

  4. PeopleRFragileThings

    maybe he meant completely “drying” the cartridge?

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