HP Printer Cartridge Replacement (5610)

This is how you replace the cartridges in the HP Printer 5610 all in one printer/scanner/etc


  1. KingAndrewI

    Thank you.

  2. madhuri567

    Thank you, this was just what I needed!

  3. katiekins22

    THANK YOU!!!

  4. laurisfar7

    Thank you!=D

  5. Linda0557

    Very kind of you to post this. Many thanks!

  6. ddsharper

    thank you much. simple yet impossible if you don’t know where the door is.

  7. w5litni


  8. qmspinks

    Thank you

  9. Hailx

    omg rolf…seems like im not alone in being clueless in how to change the ink in this printer. ty =P

  10. rabjam100

    Do you have to put in black and blue ink or can you put only blue?

  11. Jdban

    You only have to replace the cartridge that needs replacing, not both.

  12. rabjam100

    i mean at the beginning like when it is new. it has no ink at all. do you have to buy both types of ink, blue and black, or can you buy only the blue and not use the black

  13. rabjam100

    by the way thanks for trying to help jdban

  14. Itachi476

    wtf i cant do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. tvpappy

    My wife put the colour in the black slot and vice versa and now we cannot remove them no matter hwo hard we try. Any help?

  16. Namguin

    Thank you so much!

  17. rasobasiczar

    Geez..!Thanks playa..i been foolin around with my printer for over an hour tryin’a find a way to change the cartrige..Thnks a great deal..lol

  18. bunty713

    Omg ily so much!!

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