HP Photosmart Premium Review

go.tagjag.com – twitter.com – Yes, this is a printer. It happens to be connected to my network wirelessly. It also boasts bluetooth features and a touch screen! This HP Photosmart Premium allows me to print, copy, fax and scan. It also allows me to connect to parts of the Internet, such as coupons, Google Maps and more! chris.pirillo.com


  1. rockindj18

    I’ve never seen a printer like that.. My printer is just a hp scanner, printer, and copier but this one looks sick… Got a price?

  2. GrahamW0009

    more like spending 50ยข on ink

  3. beachzone2

    thats overkill for a printer

  4. applepie1991

    omg i want it

  5. ScalversGadgets

    Hey Chris, I live like an hour or so away from you. Lol want to play some tic tac toe?

  6. FathomZero

    Absolutely badass. I could use that for my photography, digital and analog.

  7. TheRomanCandle790

    wow i like this printer how mutch is it? and how mutch did that piece of paper cost so are u really saving 50 sence huh?? huh!?!?!

  8. remibrandtcom

    which camera is he using?

  9. cthreetv

    I am sold on it gotta get it!

  10. TheMrgeekmania

    I love that thing! I wish I got sent all this stuff

  11. ComputaholicTV

    Love your videos and just tweeted the HP PhotoSmart Premuin with your affiliate link. Hope my tweet earns you money because you deserve it!

  12. brodypros

    Geeze, its just a printer, If you just have a plain basic network printer you can pretty much do all those things

  13. WoWDirac

    I’d want that for the bluetooth

  14. urbanraver09

    $1000 I think you should think

  15. 2fast4all

    I saw it yesterday a best buy and they run for about $300+

  16. TheFaaizK

    Does the coupons thing work in the UK?

  17. HighPoweredLasers

    250 ebay

  18. Mrzickyzxz

    no man its 300

  19. fanofdavidsfarm

    yeah, 50 cents saved coupon BUT you used 50 cents of ink to print it


    WTF the hp website says 149.99

  21. Inkton2010

    Nice item.

  22. Cagliari1234

    dude i love your narration. cracked me up. awesome

  23. imherelol

    best so far its new

  24. kr4zyr4ver

    Hi i am interested in this printer but need to know more about the fax feature. i will check the site you mentioned. i was wondering if you can both send and receive fax? i ask about receiving because the HP site says n/a for incoming fax memory. and also if you can send or receive fax using PamFax via skype…

  25. ComputaholicTV

    I think this printer is great! However, there are a few things I want to know. First, what ink cartridges does it take? How much do they cost? Secondly, how long do the cartridges last? How many pages print before they run out? Thanks for reading!

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