HP Photosmart Ink Cartridge Installation Instructions

This is a short clip on how to install each cartridge into a HP All-In-One printer. HP Photosmart C7280


  1. DannyBoy20802

    That thing needs a ton of ink!

  2. JoelJefferson

    must cost a hella lot 2 keep buying all that ink…..u shld try buying bulk ink 😀

  3. Cr3ativity

    I just found a trick. If you run out of black ink just keep asking it to print by mixing with colour. Eventually the printer unlocks it’s secret function – creating black ink. My HP C7280 mixed the colour ink to make a carbon black and stored it in the black ink cartridge. So don’t get ripped off!!!!!

  4. dcalcutt

    Does anyone know a way to reset the ink cartiridges after re-filling them?

  5. thelmerfud

    Your printer did not mix ink and store it in the black cartridge. You are printing by using the color inks to create what is know as composite black ink which by the way uses a lot more ink because it uses many drops of the color inks to create black. if you noticed ink in the black tank when it was it was empty before it is just because there is “some ink” in the print cartridge that got pumped into the black tank.

  6. Cr3ativity

    That does not explain how the black ink cartridge was refilled 3/4 while the capacity of the colour inks were reduced. I am not trying to fool anyone here since I already got a thumbs down. If you really do not believe me that is alright. It always ends up this way (sigh).

  7. thelmerfud

    I dont think you were trying to fool anyone, It is just that your theory is incorrect. The ink in the black tank came from the black ink that was left in the print head/tubing. I am 100% positive that the color inks did not mix and fill up the black tank. The reason your color tanks have less ink in them is because it takes a lot of color ink to produce black composite ink. That is why HP prompts you before it prints composite black. Take care.

  8. Cr3ativity

    Let me tell you exactly what happened. Initially, HP C7280 All-in-One Printer indicated that my black ink cartridge was low and that if it is not replaced soon all printing will stop. Fortunately, I finished printing what I needed but did not have a black ink cartridge handy. I turned off the printer and it started doing maintenance. Two days later, I turn on my printer and my black ink cartridge is 3/4 full but my colour ink cartridges are low. No one replaced the cartridges!

  9. chrischoy9

    The new integrated print head printer from HP don’t need resetting

  10. chrischoy9

    It uses the black cartridges as well, I put in a empty black cartridge in that printer, when I print black text, it comes out purple. If you have a empty color cartridge, set the printer on (Use black colour cartridge only) under the tab colour. in that case in my test, it only uses the black

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