HP Photosmart C5580 Color Inkjet Printer

Create your own mini-printing lab at home. Print photos directly from a Bluetooth-enabled device or a memory card with the HP Officejet Photosmart C5580. With its automatic paper-type sensing, the Photosmart C5580 takes the guesswork out of printing and gives you the ability to print a Web page exactly as you see it on your PC. It has lightning fast printing speeds of up 34 ppm for black documents and up to 25 ppm for color. Youll also be able to scan at up to 4800 x 4800 dpi, (hardware) and …


  1. CiaranRooney125


  2. iTZzDaGr33K


  3. Antje14

    would you stop

  4. TheAteston


  5. 45009235

    no never

  6. b2ball6playa2

    ill check back later, quality aint that good right now

  7. joey451

    bad video quality

  8. mccunecp

    dont look any diffeent than my 5280

  9. jakeanddar

    Any plans to replace Sam with another cute chick.

  10. blackstonekenny

    Looks… cheap 🙁

  11. kilaaaaa

    34ppm isnt that fast

  12. luisM316

    everyone go to w w w.samcomptv.cīģŋ o m to get the latest updates from our Sam 🙂

  13. ComputaholicTV

    What?!? That one page in just under 2 second! How isn’t that fast?!?

  14. mikitymike

    i wonder if betty will come back, she apparently went to college, and never made a “farewell” video. Maybe she took a course on Internal computer hardware so she could compete with that asian chick from intel, albert is in love with, lawl.

  15. dontcacheme

    must be clearing old inventory. c5580 is a 2008 model.

  16. FunnyGlitcher

    I hate Sam 😐

  17. Armod18

    wheres tech update?

  18. eliden

    it doesnt fax 🙁

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