HP Photosmart C5280 CISS Installation

HP Photosmart C5280 CISS Installation instructions. No need to keep changing cartridges


  1. gunton10

    if you could post a link where to get this from it would be ace.

  2. gemsaninks

    what are you wanting? the ciss or the printer + ciss?

  3. gunton10

    just the ciss. i have the printer.

  4. bobettesamonte14

    i want to know if this is available here in Italy

  5. gemsaninks

    i am in uk.
    i dont supply to italy, sorry, the postal service in italy loses too many items.

  6. UKPak786

    Where can I buy this CISS kit from ? are you on eBay ? I already have the printer, god damn the cartridges are expensive, what about the quality of the ink? good for photo printing ? Please email of details of where I can purchase the CISS kit for C5280 from

  7. gunton10

    i am still awaiting a reply from the email i sent you on the deal?

  8. gemsaninks

    the ciss is £44.99 + £4.99 p&p.
    although all custom is appreciated, the price is not negatiable.
    everyone else pays this ver keenly as they see that they are saving £1000’s in printing.
    if you purchased 2 black and 2 colour from the shop, it would be more outlay than one of these.
    it takes a lot of work too.
    so i am afraid that i cannot do a deal for you at any less than the pirice stated.

    if this is not ang good to you, thanks for looking

  9. UKPak786

    Hi mate, you did not email me, I would like to purchase this kit

  10. ayotollah

    Can you send them to malaysia and make for me for this printer?

  11. egn83b

    does the ink chip in the cartridge expire and cause problems?

  12. egn83b

    get the dremel out and cut a slot for the printer ink pipes so you can close the lid fully and look professional. So what if it damages the printer there really a dime a dozen machine these days.

  13. gemsaninks

    why wreck it?
    why compromise the warranty when there’s no need to?
    if you think it’s unprofessional, that’s your opinion. but cutting a printer up, in many people’s eyes, is not on.
    if i told people to cut it up, they would just click the “back” button

  14. jamezzyy69

    hi, i have the same printer, but every time i refill the cartridges and when i print in colour, it gives me different colours, like instead of pink it gives me blue, do u know why?

  15. odity1

    sounds like ur not puting the right ink into the right holes on the cartage yellow goes to the top magenta goes to the bottom left and cyan goes to bottom right

  16. moggle2k8

    im interested in buying a ciss for this printer, are you still doing them?

  17. gemsaninks

    after brain surgery, i am not, callme on 01246241409, i’ll be able to get you one made by someone who i have taught to make them

  18. awesomeguy2009

    how do you put in the paper and connect it to the comuter!

  19. gmaster1954

    i’m from the united states.i want to know where can i get the ciss for my printer.
    hp c 5280

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