HP Officejet Pro K550 Color Inkjet Printer

Visit tiger.tv for more on this affordable Desktop printing solution! Get the color printing you’ve always wanted and make your print-outs look more professional—and fast, to boot! Compared with color laser printers, you’ll enjoy laser-quality speeds up to twice as fast and printing costs up to 30 percent lower. Print up to 37 pages per minute in black and up to 33 in color (draft mode); get laser-quality speeds up to twice as fast as those of color laser printers: up to 12 ppm black, 10 ppm …



    wohoo im the first one to comment

  2. desiree816

    Great printer it seems. Printing costs will be even lower when you get the compatible cartridges from spot4ink dot com. Shipping is always without charge! High end ink at low end prices. Great savings, Great Service, Fast Delivery. Check it out today!

  3. rivest266

    This was replaced by the K5400, which has the same ink effenceny. It is even cheaper to run than the much ballyhooed Kodak 5300 printer when using the large inks.

  4. 10883799

    This is a Scam. Have they told you how much and often do you have to change the PrintHeads? Each one is $55 USD aprox. Think it.

  5. firepower3000

    You know what? The Laser Printer is the best quality. No matter how fast a inkjet printer. A laser printer last longer and has a smooth surface then a inkjet printer.

  6. firepower3000

    And it is a great invention!

  7. hallie352

    HP makes great stuff. I bought some stuff from Officetronics and got cheated. Sold me a refurb and told me it was new. Officetronics is a total fraud and scam. Stay away from Officetronics when buying Hewlett Packard (HP) goods. They have bad reviews on Google. Company sales HP stuff as a scam. Other than that I bought from TigerDirect and my HP is working great!!!!

  8. dilman106

    I use a bulk ink system from Inkbags on this printer and it works great.

  9. moderndesignworks

    If you gonna buy an inkjet, buy Epson or Canon, you’ll save so much money on the cartridges. On Ebay, you can get like 10+ cartridges for about $18!!! Don’t buy any other brands, specially HP. HP is a total rip off, they are giving away the printers for nothing, but rip you off on the ink cartridges. One color ink cartridge from HP cost more than a Samsung laser color toner for CLP-315, but the toner lasts about 5 times longer!!! Avoid HP printers like a plague if you like to save money!

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