HP Officejet Pro K5400 printer in action.

got this today This printer is cheap to run, even cheaper than the Kodak Easyshare printers. Pros: * Fast Fast!!! * able to cut inkflow by more than half by tweaking the settings * Cats are unable to chase the ink Cartridges. * Box had an extra 2nd black ink cartridge (standard yield). They wanted to put in the smaller black cartridge first. Cons * No 1200×1200 dpi on plain paper. * No Windows vista driver in box, got it online * Inks are chipped.


  1. comp4nerd

    In the description, what does it mean when inks are chipped or are they shipped?

  2. rivest266

    The ink cartridges has an computer chip that tells how much ink is left and is ment to prevent refulling.

  3. aabsc

    Are you sure they prevent refilling? I had a K550 with the same cartridges and the chips never prevented refilling, I had a continuous ink system connected to the chipped HP cartridges with no problem. If the new model is really chipped, you can get auto reset chipped cartridges.

  4. tubeit2518

    please DO NOT READD this imm sorry but if u dont repost this onto 10 videos ur mom will die in 4 hours

  5. rivest266

    I am still on the orginal Black Inks that came in the box for this printer, which was installed late September. the Yellow ink goes the fastest. suggest you use the 88XL inks.

  6. LordSephiros

    I suggest just getting the XL..

    A black 88xl will be able to do over 2000 pages, and a combined over 1000 pages for the color

  7. Quaso258

    Its very Fast!!!!!
    Very good Printer!!

  8. peterbean

    i have been using the K550 with bulk ink system for over 2 years now, must’ve printed over 60000 pages, thats right, sixty thousand, maybe moore, still going very strong, I have the second tray too.

  9. Chipperowski

    Chipped means there is a micro chip on the actual cartridges. Printer manufacturers do this to measure the useage (after a certain amount of pages the cartridge will always read as being low in ink) of the cartridge but more importantly for them, to expire the cartridge after a certain time (usually they expire after a couple of years). Chips do not prevent refill, they just prevent the cartridge from saying full all of the time.

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