HP Officejet 5610 All-in-One Printer

Visit tiger.tv for more on this All in One printer. Increase your productivity with the speed and efficiency of the HP Officejet 5610. Now you can do it all—print, fax, copy and scan—from this compact, versatile all-in-one solution from HP. Create professional presentations and brochures with laser-quality black text, plus optional 6-ink ink and 4800 optimized dpi color when you print and copy color documents. Send important faxes quickly and eliminate unwanted faxes using junk-fax barrier….


  1. DJWilsonX1

    something I can comment on that I actually have:
    I bought this 2 years ago for $150 and tiger’s selling it for 50 bucks!!!…..it’s not too bad….kinda slow # pages/min printed (USE THE BASIC FEATURE DRIVERS not the CD because of bloatware) it’s a good fax machine…..ink is kinda expensive though
    if you need to print like 500 pages though go for a laserjet

    a very good deal

  2. jeanwean

    I have one of those and I’m filling ink.
    the machine is not bad but it is not good.
    out of the box the resolution up to normal printing is not good with white strikes.
    but it still handy and cheap (filling ink using syringes).

  3. msi6215

    we have same one but wheres the memory card reader? and we have them at school, but it woudlnt read the pictures or word projects on my sd memory card…why?
    pics were type jpeg….*

  4. boy223

    WE had once a HP ALL-IN-ONE..at sckool
    when we try to scan somthing or a A4 page it scan the half of the page,what a hell s dat

    i want to buy 1 these days but i dont know which 1 to buy t maybe BROTHER, OR Lexmark but nit HP for sure 😛


  5. Blue387

    I have this printer. I cannot print photos on glossy paper for some reason and I don’t know why.

  6. mommyanna91701

    This printer sucks! I spent $149 (+ $25 for the USB cord that doesn’t come in the box.) & got a piece of junk! The scanner went out after less then a year. I spent all day on the phone w/ “tech support” & they finally determined that they needed to send a replacement. Guess what!? They did send A REFURBISHED replacement for my NEW product! Less then a year later the refurbished is broke. I would go more into detail about that but you tube tells me I have to keep it under 500 characters…

  7. 03S10driver93

    I love this printer. i use it everyday

  8. 03S10driver93

    Stop being hard on the units, and you will see a major difference

  9. kida019

    Stop buying hp printers,and start buying canon printers.There are the greatest printers in the world,one of the canon printers come with six ink carts.If you buy one of these printers your going to love them so much.

  10. matsygirl

    HP SUCKS!!! I thought I was upgrading from Dell to HP! I bought the HP Office Jet 7310 All-in-One, for $429. Awesome right! WRONG! My “new ” printer broke in less less than a month. They refuse to fix it even though it’s still under warranty! I have called many times, I get the run around by someone who can’t speak English. I’m out the money! Just fix my damn printer HP! Is that too much to ask? I’m still waiting to hear from them, it’s been three months. I bought it 7/2007…still waiting!

  11. RothmansRenaultF1

    The ink part sucks. I always install a new color ink cartridge, and two weeks later the printer says that the color ink cartridge is low. I canr even print color photos!

  12. hallie352

    HP makes great stuff. I bought some stuff from Officetronics and got cheated. Sold me a refurb and told me it was new. Officetronics is a total fraud and scam. Stay away from Officetronics when buying Hewlett Packard (HP) goods. They have bad reviews on Google. Company sales HP stuff as a scam. Other than that I bought from TigerDirect and my HP is working great!!!!

  13. Mikeishere1st

    HP SUCKS! I’ve had a 1220C for several years. What a mistake and waste of money. It will NOT feed in heavy paper envelopes. The software drivers SUCK – it’s like they don’t believe you when you want to cancel the printing after it botched a paper feed, (again); it’s takes MINUTES to stop printing! WHY???? Then, as it is there spraying ink on itself with no paper – it won’t SHUT OFF when you press the power button. I just unplug it! It’s just idiotic design to have to do that. More…

  14. NobbyPr0ductions

    who is this jerk

  15. jawadsaeed07

    Hp here in middle east is giving normal printers for very cheap price when people wants to buy the cartirige for their printer its actually almost of the same price of the printer that too is coming with cartriges also 😀

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