HP Office Jet 6000 6500 CISS Continious Ink Supply System (HP920 and 920XL cartridge)

This continuous ink system comes with no chips, so we had to take the chips off the original HP cartridges and use superglue (a few drops only) to attach it onto the CISS. Be sure to NOT install the air filters when you install the cartridges into the printer! Place the ink tanks at a lower level than the printer itself to prevent the ink from overflowing out from the bottom of the cartridges. Be sure to route the ink lines properly. If it is too long, it can get caught in the printer carriage. If it is too short, it can pull on the ink cartridges and cause it to move, thus causing the chips to not be recognized. In this video, we photo copied a picture and put paper settings to “photo premium”. As you can see, we had fantastic results! We only carry HIGH QUALITY ink at Supertobuy & Cisinks! Feel free to contact our friendly customer service staff if you have any questions about our products! Supertobuy.com & Cisinks.com


  1. DiggerOwl

    When you put on the original HP chips do you have to ever reset the chips? If so, how do you reset them?

  2. SuperToBuy

    The printer would display ‘low ink’ reminder and I would have to press ‘OK’ in order to print and bypass the message. Other than that, it would print and not lock up the printer. Hope this helps!

  3. stogiask

    I want to refill the oldfashion way my cartidges…
    Do the 920xl need chip reset?

  4. SuperToBuy

    @stogiask I don’t believe you have to reset them. You can try refilling it yourself and test it out.

  5. stogiask

    Thanks a lot

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