HP LaserJet P1006 Printer

Looking to make the most of your work area with a stylish, ultra-compact laser printer? HP innovation makes it possible. HP’s patented new spherical toner is controlled more efficiently, which allows for a smaller print cartridge, and as a result, the worlds smallest laser printer.


  1. firetorch93


  2. Gamerdudeeee

    im not having a happy day my windows xp is fucked!!!

  3. SimonLANO

    I bought this printer, thanks albert.

  4. arvutihull

    great review

  5. heftymadmonkey

    You sound very happy today! 🙂

  6. swanny812

    its friday!

  7. z4x0rz

    Nice suit.

  8. 6606160

    great review….can I overclock a printer? [Joke]

    You seem pretty happy Albert 😉

  9. Mittenn

    I like this guy the best out of all the people on this

  10. xxAndreadxx

    me too! go albert!

  11. NikeySunfire

    seems like the recepcionist lady finally said yes to him lol

  12. Isakceim

    but he talk kinda fast

  13. Heretic210

    i miss the old hp laserjet 1022 printer 🙁

  14. Dominique102

    i just got mine, didnt know it didnt print color, damn. and i tried to print something and it says it cant read the cartridge. do you remove the orange thing thats in the cartridge?!

  15. Username2invalid

    Yes you must remove every orange thing form the printer before you use it 🙂

  16. g4tech

    hes always happy unlike Bauer

  17. smartwarlord

    Albert was REALLY happy in all reviews prior to Bauer showing his fat ugly face.

  18. astaynax

    Our company has 16 HP computers and printers,all under warranty.However, whenever we need tech support we get the some old bull “I’m sorry this problem can only be solved by next level support “so we end up paying for “smart friends” for computers under 4 year warranties.

  19. Jayeire1

    Whats the diff between the p1005 and p1006 ?

  20. BoboVicus

    color… =p
    We got one.
    We also have a Laserjet 4l thats about 13 years old. Works like it’s brand new.

  21. marioblasco

    I don’t know all the diff, but what i do know, is that the p1005 use the 35-A toner Cart… and the p1006 use the 36-A toner cart, and also the 35-A toner cartdrige…

  22. YouCantDoThatHere

    Why not do a demo print for us?

  23. fruitygumball

    =( I have the same printer, but only printed few pages for good use. After reinstalling my windows vista, it stopped working ever since. I was actually just checking out youtube to see if there’s a common problem or a solution to the problem. =(

  24. Username2invalid

    More pages / minute and more memory (8 Mb)

  25. Layziezor

    u need to update and install the required stuffs on vista to make it stable, or either ur computer is missing the printer driver. or make it easy, install xp on ur pc

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