HP Inkology: Episode 2

What is the science behind Original HP ink? How is one ink cartridge different from another? Why are genuine HP ink cartridges the best choice for your printer? Find out in 2nd episode of “Inkology” hosted by HP Supplies Technology Specialist, Thom Brown. Learn some amazing facts about the science and technology behind Original HP ink cartridges from Thom Brown, your friendly neighborhood ink geek.


  1. TandKC

    Dude, you’re like 20 years too old to dress like that. And it’s not hip HP.

  2. 4u2nvinmtl

    funny how you push the number of 6.25 for the monthly cost then 6.25 again as the likelihood that you get a working printer cartage. Its all a scam to get us to buy more HP junk. They make it like they are helping us get a better deal. I’ve bought alot of printers and done ALOT of color printing. The fact is that they assume you will use about 5% coverage per color per page. If i print a DVD cover its more like 30-50% coverage per page and thats about 10times less than they said you could print

  3. 4u2nvinmtl

    I’ve also personally refilled my own ink jet printer cartridges. Granted HP engineers them so that you shouldn’t refill them. I’ve saved so much money refilling my own. I guess they assume most people don’t use that much ink because… There ink is empty and they don’t wanna hassle with refilling/buying new cartridges or they buy their prints from a cheaper high quality photo printing store.

  4. 4u2nvinmtl

    personally i don’t like being lied to by advertising and don’t see the point in trying to sell products like this. EPIC FAIL HP… but that’s just one mans – imho

  5. PrintWithThom

    @TandKC Well I was wearing my normal daily wear, khaki pants and an HP polo shirt, but on the way into the lab I spilled coffee all over me. Luckily there was a kid 20 years younger than me nearby, so I stole his clothes. Trust me, you’d rather see me in THESE clothes than NO clothes! 😉

  6. zacjanes

    @4u2nvinmtl Actually 6.25 is just 0.5 ^ 4

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