HP DeskJet 932c Inkjet Printer

One of the first color inkjet printers ever made! This Hewlett Packard DeskJet 932c from 2000 still works flawlessly to this day and is built like a tank! The best part is that the ink cartridges are huge compared to modern HP ink cartridges!


  1. Lachlant1984

    I wonder if that blue light allows the printer to determine if the ink cartridges and heads are alligned correctly. What kind of iMac is that?

  2. Mrtechguy94

    @Lachlant1984 The blue light is so the printer knows if the heads are aligned correctly. The iMac is a 400 MHz PowerPC G3 with 512MB of RAM. It is the later model with the slot-loading DVD-ROM drive.

  3. kokogarlich

    I still see printers like that being used because like you said, “They’re built like tanks”! I have a HP Deskjet 890c and an 895cxi, and those worked the last time I used them which was over a year ago! So those would need new cartridges by now! 🙂 One of these days I’ll get new cartridges in them and I’ll make videos of them so you can see how well those perform. 🙂 I love the size of the cartridges they made back then compared to the small ones used in printers now.

  4. bamdadkhan

    i just love the intro. :))))

  5. bamdadkhan

    btw, why not just refill the cartridges? you can do that almost infinite amount of times, and it’s significantly cheaper than buying factory ones.

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