HP Designjet Z2100 44-in Photo Printer

Visit tiger.tv for complete specs, pricing, and availability on the HP Designjet Z2100 44-in Photo Printer. HP’s 8-ink Designjet delivers superior color accuracy and consistency with the first-ever embedded spectrophotometer. HP Vivera pigment inks produce vivid color and b&w prints. You can count on HP for printing that’s easy, reliable, and predictable. Want fewer printing interruptions and savings? With this HP Designjet, images on matte and glossy papers can be printed without swapping …


  1. prOgrenadier

    thats a cool printer, nice video. first btw.

  2. prOgrenadier

    sorry for the double comment, but I liked the bloopers at the end lol

  3. JadedBeliever

    That thing is huge! But cool.

  4. shdowofthepain

    Holy shit.

  5. Sincrol


  6. coasterfanryan


  7. eldukedrino

    we use designjet 90 and it’s a piece of perfection.
    i hope we can get this soon

  8. bushbosh

    what material does it print on?
    can i use it for outdoor signs?

  9. Paledaddy

    Buy a Z3100 Designjet, 12 colors .. 4 blacks, rgb colors and cmy and one light color and a gloss enhanser to ridequre bronzing.
    And heey, wtf.. you get what u see on the monitor.. Bull… you still have to calibrate youre monitor and have a proofing solution to make it 100% accurate. There are models that coms with all that software + an extra spectrometer for monitor calibrations !!

  10. VisorBlue

    Interesting. Nobody notice that he’s talking about the 44″ version but that’s the 24″ version in the video?

  11. mnicaisse

    great catch!

  12. tvdvd8877

    lol this cost me 10,000dollars

  13. hallie352

    HP makes great stuff. I bought some stuff from Officetronics and got cheated. Sold me a refurb and told me it was new. Officetronics is a total fraud and scam. Stay away from Officetronics when buying Hewlett Packard (HP) goods. They have bad reviews on Google. Company sales HP stuff as a scam. Other than that I bought from TigerDirect and my HP is working great!!!!

  14. ferrariModenas

    that doesn’t look like a 44″ printer, it looks like 24

  15. jenn5155

    Its defo the 24″


    Does this work with Vista yet? Specs do not list Vista as compatible.

  17. lexxman1

    its good but sucks for outdoors i have that printer btw thats the 24″ inch …not the 44
    …anyway the inks washed out when put outdoors….in a week or so i had a client wanna rip me a new one.

  18. CptGreedle

    I have used this at National Geographic for canvas prints and museum prints. Excellent quality, and with the right ink and canvas, the ink does not run. In fact, I ran my prints under running water for half an hour, and none of the inks ran at all! An AMAZING printer! Worth every cent!

  19. dilman106

    I have been using a bulk ink system on this printer from Inkbags. The pigmented inks they have are great. Thought I would mention in case anyone is looking to save on OEM supplies cost.

  20. KayzehPhoto

    Dude if you wasted your money in this equipement you could at least looked at the specs and it does not say its made for outdoor! want outdoor use a mimaki jv33 or a jv5. you will get your money out of that for outdoors i use it for vehicle wrap.

  21. IMFLORIDA305

    i didn’t know they made printers that big

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