HP Compaq 6720s Laptop Computer

Go to tiger.tv for more information. The HP Compaq 6720s Laptop Computer offers powerful computing in a compact, lightweight design, making it the perfect choice for business pros. Furthermore, it runs on the Genuine Windows Vista Home Basic operating system. When it’s time to relax and have fun, the HP Compaq 6720s Laptop Computer gives you a variety of multimedia entertainment options to enjoy while you’re taking a break from work. This streamlined, 5.5-pound powerhouse boasts a 2.0GHz …


  1. AllKindsOf13veeteke

    I’m watching this on a HP Compaq 6720s

  2. PublishMarks

    compaq is for people who cant afford a regular hp because its cheaper

  3. PublishMarks

    compaq is for people who cant afford a regular hp

  4. mongoperskate

    how much is it

  5. sherifbatawy

    now am watching this video using an hp Compaq 6720s

  6. cartmanforpresident1

    sooo true.
    what people dont understand is that copaq is a budget brand….
    the regular hps are 10 times better…

  7. bigmclovin

    this guy is too funny

  8. crocerla

    about $600

  9. crocerla

    hp can cost less than a compaq

  10. ayakinomie

    hp products are wasted things!!!!! i never though of a company like this!!!! making damage things and is saying they have a warranty but they are liar!!!!!

  11. charlesdelgado123

    I can’t live without my litle iPod! 😀
    I won it in internet. If you want, you can try! visit gadgetton , com !
    Take you chance now!.

  12. Rarrin9378

    There just as good who cares.

  13. forkane69

    LAMAO ha ha ha ayakinomie

  14. dale456654

    Looks like a nice laptop but not with a celeron!

  15. MrWonnabee

    i have that pc, and writhe with it now.. but i have an XP wath is that pc with??

  16. MrWonnabee

    my HP 6720s cost $950 in denmark. ( and yes, i from denmark, EU )

  17. MrPlaystationboy


  18. lafyetti

    HP and ACER are the 2 greatest company manufacturers there computer does not break on it own and there strong… NEVER BUY A DELL or a LENNOVO dell computers break alot and you will need to buy a 1 yr warrenty they will break on the 3rd week. i had so many dell products that broke sodumped it and went for all the other brands so far HP and acer are the best.

  19. 730844

    well i have this laptop came with windows XP wich freaked me out tried vista on it but the cracks and paches never worked i will try windows 7 soon

  20. Roundoffbackflip

    HAHA i’ve got this pc with vista and xp and drivers for these two operating systems ^^

  21. Ishcoa

    I’d have to disagree. I really like Lenovo and Dell. HP is good too, and so is Compaq. Acer, isn’t as good. I’ve had many problems with Acers.

  22. Section014

    I have one of these! but my parents won’t let me have it until christmas :'(… But They look sooo nice.

  23. Section014

    Apple is #1 though.

  24. Zlatina11

    mac air is very thin

  25. GTASAMODS1232

    compaq es una mierda

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