HP Business InkJet 1100 Printer HACK Expired Cartridge Bypass/Fix

I opened up my printer and fixed it/hacked it to do my bidding! HP has some ink that has a chip inside to tell your printer it can’t print without some new ink. So you get to either spend 120.00 for new ink or do this. Here is the work around for the date issue but it doesn’t always work. n the printer ini file (c:/windows/hpbj1100.ini) I made one change…. the following line DeviceIoControl error:=997 changed to DeviceIoControl error:=0000 —————————————- There is …


  1. badfinger111

    Hell, didn’t HP come out with a commercial on tv stating how much you can save on ink?!

  2. peepnklown

    HP, EPSON, CANON, etc make basically nothing on printers but make a killing on ink. If you want to reload or buy cheaper third-party cartilages a simple GOOGLE search will help a lot and you need to find older models. If you need help send me a PM.

  3. SendARope

    Yeah well that’s true. I guess it’s the same folks that put Obama’s numbers together. You know where he “saved” 150,000 jobs?

  4. matrixm777

    Thanks for the tips…

  5. badfinger111


  6. smttysmth02gt

    A fellow geek. Sweet.

  7. marco114

    Hey Kurt, buy a Brother laser printer. I got mine for like $250 and the toner lasts forever. And prints on plain ol’ paper.

  8. SendARope

    maybe next time. The point of this hack was to avoid spending more money.

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