[HowTo] Windows 7 Vista XP 2000 NT Password Reset/Recovery Tutorial

What should you do when you forget the password to login to Windows system? Ask an administrator to reset the log on password for you. If you yourself are administrator, and you cant remember the administrator password, the problem get a little tricky, and probably hard to recover the forgotten password again. Before you search for recovery CD or Windows DVD to format and reinstall Windows onto the computer, This is the EXACT Tutorial YOU NEED to reset the password and LOGIN back to the …


  1. gummby40

    the progem only works if you know where the login files are…my login file seem to be hiden do you have any ideas what file they could be in?

  2. jastag

    does this work for administraiters?

  3. raekwon2008

    i’m so close. i’m using vista and every time i think i clear it, and save it and reboot. the damn pw is still there

  4. mysteryunit

    Thanks a lot mate worked like a treat 🙂

  5. mysteryunit

    im on windows 7 btw, couldn’t be easier. just make sure to burn as image not as boot disk. and burn at low speed. then press delete at computer boot to go into bios, change boot settings to start from cd drive. and hey presto the rest is easy!

  6. DeltaVictorMike

    Great job. Bought a floor model laptop from Office Depot, they forgot to give me the admin rights as guest and I did not have a login for their in house login. I could have taken this baby back, but your solution did the trick so I didnt have to go back to the store. Kudos.

  7. amila18

    Hi, i forgot my administrator password , so i try to crack it using “OPHCRACK” PASSWORD RECOVERY SOFTWARE. but couldn’t get admin pass ward please please help for me crack it

  8. knajdovski

    Hey man i know how to hack admin password no program just CMD
    make this

    go to the start than run than write MCD and push Enter

    net user administrator and here new password

    Best wishes

  9. louloumetal


  10. louloumetal

    OMFG the program doesnt reconize É O_o

  11. LazarOMoFoz

    Hay this tactic is so hard could you help out coz i need my pc up and running..
    iv burnt about 3 or 4 cdz and non of em still work??
    Iv jus red one of the comments and its sed to go into bios setting so i did and now im lost coz its like a maze when i dont have a clue on waht to do….
    Im on a windows vista so can yah plz help me out………..Ty………..I so forgot my password…….

  12. abist345

    can you do it with a flash drive ?


    When i select a partion by pressing “1” nothing happens :/ tried it lods of times and still wont work.

  14. J0RDAN737

    thnx worked a charm on windows 7 😀
    when i did it by myself didnt save changes lol

  15. Fitfatfoofite

    Nobody fucking cares.

  16. bengalybashir

    bitch ass nigga i didnt ask u if u cared

  17. Fitfatfoofite

    You mean you didn’t ask EVERYONE on the entire fucking planet if they cared.

  18. Palesiteni

    Yeeee haaaaaaaaaaa, it worked 🙂 thanks for the video tutorial awesome very helpful. I resetted my brothers password account on his laptop running windows vista premium

  19. bengalybashir

    stfu man its a waste of my time if u had something to do with ure life u wouldnt waste it on argueing with me

  20. cory4734

    this only works with the admin?

  21. narutofan051195

    i made a mistake this works perfectly thanks for the vid…sorry for the confusion actually i posted that comment on another video dont know how it got here i posted it on the video that says you can change the passwords on a computer using cmd

  22. saiyanx2321

    You are the best, Thank you

  23. mrffer1

    do this work on winNT 98???

  24. sticknumber

    hey, i burnt the .iso-file onto a bootable dvd. when i now boot the dvd a message pops-up on the black screen. It sais “insert proper boot device”. I checked the dvd. The image is burnt properly but it still sias “insert proper boot device” -.-!! can u help me?

  25. sticknumber

    problem solved. I could install an iso burner without the admin password xD

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