How to Troubleshoot Your InkJet Printer – So many people get frustrated when their printer messes up, and end up just buying a new one. Here are some tips to help you keep your printer humming along in perfect shape.


  1. lovetospouge

    Thanks helps

    ps first comment

  2. edison700

    I had to reinstall printer drivers before

  3. scorpio209

    ive hated every printer i have ever owned

  4. WillThePlank

    i havent used a printer in ages….i eather email it or put it on a usb key or transfer it to a device where it can be viewed on aka my phone…infact i dont own a printer LOL

  5. kbj76

    These were very good tips. Just 2 weeks ago I fixed the local methodist pastor’s printer by taking off the tray and putting it back. I t was on crooked and was creating paper jams.

  6. desiree816

    OK! That was a great video, very natural and spontaneous and great advice! Have slammed the lid many a time. About the cost of printer ink and the quality of recycled cartridges, I tell you that if you want to save big money and get great ink fast, buy from SPOT4INK DOT COM. I Do. Check it out today! NO SHIPPING COSTS EVER and great service. Not your run of the mill website either. Enjoy the “nog”.

  7. prelan

    I love my epson DX6050 printer/scanner

  8. taisirdahabra

    fuck that

  9. wakko444

    holly shit the slamming the lid thing actualy worked!

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