How to Setup Epson 1400 as MultiRIP Hybrid Printer

The following video provides step-by-step instructions on how to setup an Epson 1400 printer as a MultiRIP Hybrid printer to print both dye sublimation transfers and screen printing film positives. The video will show you everything from removing the print carriage cover, loading the ink cartridges, setting up the CIS bulk refill system and priming the ink cartridges. MultiRIP hybrid RIP software is the leading hybrid (dual ink) RIP software for the decorated apparel industry….


  1. Patrick0282

    Is that a dye sublimation printer?

  2. DAGuide

    Yes, this is a sublimation printer / film positive printer. 4-channels are for the sublimation ink and 2-channels are for the screen printing film positive ink.

  3. buckhornscreenprinti

    Where Can I Get This System for My Epson 1400

  4. Dnava7811

    did you know where i can get this

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