How to Set Up & Troubleshoot Printers : How to Refill Ink Cartridges

Refillable ink cartridge out of ink? Learn about refilling ink cartridges with these free videos.Expert: Zak Owen Bio: Zak Owen is a computer specialist from North Carolina. He is now in his 3rd year of a Computer Programing degree from UNC in Greensboro. Filmmaker: josiah owen


  1. desiree816

    Good video, as always, but so much work and hot glue. Sounds messy and time consuming to me. If you want to save big money and get great ink fast, buy from SPOT4INK DOT COM. I Do. Check it out today! NO SHIPPING COSTS EVER. It is simply great and simple to do. The cartridge comes in the mail, you take it and pop it in your printer, (without rubber gloves), and you are good to go. Much easier, at least for me and maybe for you too. PRINTER INK ALSO MAKES A GREAT HOLIDAY STOCKING STUFFER!

  2. nyro81

    Who is this guy ? anyway thanks a lot

  3. happysappy21

    wow I can’t believe this is the only video on youtube explaining how to do this, and it only got added 3 weeks ago. The video quality isn’t the best and it seems to skim bit us novices may need a bit more guidance on. But seeing as it’s all we have so far, thanks for the video Zach.

  4. monimoni83

    nooooo this is a mess !!! i tried it several times and with time my printer deteriorated a lot then a took it to a place called SAVE ON INK and the guy is great ! he cleaned my printer and refilled the cartridger cheaper !!

  5. mrchic

    If that ink gets on your rug, its over, lol.

  6. MusicanoftheFuture

    Mmm ah yes I think now I’ve seen this I could proberbly do that. Although yes you would have to be carefull however I sometimes wonder. Do you think it’s best to by second hand ink cartriges? Cos me and my Mum have a Lexmark printer and it seems only the scanner,works properly.But when it prints it does coloured lines.

  7. defconx3

    Desiree816: You’re a pussy, I’d never buy from your site, and who the hell would want printer ink as a stocking stuffer?

  8. poostew

    your mom last night.

  9. PatienceMelissa

    Wow~ Thanks, Zak. You make it look so easy. Where do you recommend we get the kit?

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