How to Screen Print a T-Shirt : Finding Ink for Screen Printing a T-Shirt

Learn where to find ink to screen print a t-shirt design in this free instructional video on making your own t-shirt designs with screen printing.Expert: Mark Kneeskern Bio: Mark Kneeskern has a studio in Terlingua, Texas where he exhibits his work in multi-media formats, including screen printing. Filmmaker: Sally Martin


  1. kraublak

    Just any ink? I mean, I know there are colors and I know you can mix colors to make other colors, but I am watching this to learn about screen printing. It would be helpful for you to suggest some brands or types. Thanks.

  2. Ajak28Hype

    This is the dumbest vid ever… wtf, your telling ppl colors, we want to know types. Its like ppl dont kno wat color they like or somthing? I might as well just paint on the shirt wit water coloring…But its still “Black” ink, so when i put it in the wash, itll still be there, right??? yall are stupid azzes… Datz wat Kraublak waz sayin, he jus nice, wit cho dumbazz

  3. CatspitProductions

    I can answer some questions about tee shirt inks.

  4. EzraNailo

    For brands I’d ask a local screen printing shop (search around for what places print t-shirts for local little leagues, etc) They typically use good stuff.

    It should be noted that instead of RYB, you should get CMY(K). Cyan, magenta, yellow, black. Same as your computer’s printer. While red and blue work, magenta and cyan offer greater chroma and can give you more vivid colors and designs. If you use intermediary colors a lot, I’d buy some of those pre-mixed to save yourself time.

  5. johnnyboy856

    [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!xD

  6. JulieBishop

    i wonder if expert village has any videos on how to make a proper informative video.

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