How to Save Ink When Printing

Would you like to save ink, and therefore money, and be more economical? Here’s a very unique way to save ink, when printing, without losing quality!


  1. Austenmad24

    Awesome,sounds good i will try it 🙂

  2. eseayen

    you didnt show me the font or give me a link to the font in the description… FAIL!

  3. jaketvee

    @eseayen Are you not capable of typing one word, visiting the website, and seeing it yourself? It’s hard to show things when I’m using a different computer to stream to the one I work on. Furthermore, if I linked to the sites in the description, people wouldn’t watch the video.

  4. eseayen

    nope im not… your the only reviewer that i follow that doesn’t provide links to the product they review…

  5. jaketvee

    @eseayen Well I like to be different. 🙂

  6. owzzViDS

    U piss me OFF u think u r some BIG tech kid !! but u just make an idiot of urselve

  7. jaketvee

    @owzzViDS How do I do that?

  8. owzzViDS

    well u wast so much money on geeky crap e.g. projecter, second moniter, usb HUB, and then ur quality is shit it comes from a webcam. sorry for this but it has been anoyin me maybe u could buy a nice camcorder e.g. HD!!!!!!

  9. jaketvee

    @owzzViDS I use a Canon MD205 video camera, not a webcam, but I record my videos live, so quality is lost. Anyway, it’s only me sitting still, talking, why does that need to be HD?

  10. owzzViDS

    i really want to be a partner on my other channel called appletech001 do u think u could help me!!

  11. jaketvee

    @owzzViDS I might make an idiot of myself.

  12. francislawton

    Its ecological not economical

  13. owzzViDS

    SORRY i was jealous of u.. enyway chack appletech001 out search it in to youtube and tell me wat u think and if u think it can be a partner.

  14. wayfairing3

    Is there a printer with the least expensive Ink?

  15. jaketvee

    @owzzViDS It could be, and I understand that you want to become a partner as soon as possible, but I think that you should build your audience first. Your videos are awesome, but YouTube will likely only accept you as a partner if you have a few hundred subscribers, and have been consistently making videos for awhile. Make sure that you upload videos regularly and try to always do it on the same day. YouTube prefer people who do that. I applied to be a partner when I had about 650 subscribers.

  16. owzzViDS

    thanks did u chack out apple tech and did u rember to sub lol,, ok so how do u get an audience (do u have eny tips)

  17. jaketvee

    @owzzViDS Yes, I did. To increase the amount of subscribers, you should get actively involved with the YouTube community, commenting, rating, subscribing, favouriting, etc. Think about how to spread the word about your videos, but avoid being annoying and giving people a bad impression. One solution might be to make a blog or website, or even upload videos to other websites, to direct more people to your YouTube channel…

  18. jaketvee

    @owzzViDS … The key, however is to regularly upload a wide range of interesting videos, engaging with your audience, to attract as many people as possible. You must remember to mainly focus on one topic though, e.g. tech, otherwise people who don’t wish to see any other types of videos will loose interest. Of course, I’m no expert, but I’m sure you’ll get there eventually.

  19. TheMaxedTank

    @francislawton Both words work.

  20. eseayen

    your not different your a moron… usually people would be like “hey this is a great product heres a link” you say “hey this is a great product” and post no link… that makes you a moron not different… then tell me your viewer the one supporting you to go find it myself?? this makes you an idiot!!!!

  21. Technoguy3

    He’s a moron because he didn’t post a link? Wow… you’re an idiot. O_o

    Good video, Jake! I was there for the 1 second you were live when you finished the video! xD

  22. Technoguy3

    LOL. FTW comeback.

  23. 7524Alex

    @eseayen, you talk utter nonsense. When Jake made the excellent point showing that the web page address was shown and mentioned by him, you said you were not capable of typing a word which clearly meant you were to lazy or weren’t bothered to type it in? However

  24. 7524Alex

    (countinued from below) you have posted three posts giving out about a link? I’ve seen this alot on youtube and I don’t understand it, you spend your time insulting others videos when you are truly being highly hypocritical, honestly have you seen your videos? I don’t see how you can support your statement of calling him a ‘moron’ he is clearly of higher intelligence compared to you and all you have to do is look at the posts to see that. One last point,

  25. 7524Alex

    (countinued from below)I think you should only use words you understand, ‘moron’ is a term used to describe someone with of mild mental retardation. Don’t even think of laughing, these are correct terms.

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