How to Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter Epson C-90

Tutorial movie for reset waste ink pad counter Epson printer C-90 Free Download Epson Resettter :


  1. FILIMON23

    where can i download this software?

  2. blakegriplingph

    If you’re sick at wasting hundreds of dollars worth of expensive ink cartridges, then I suggest that you refrain from buying Epson printers. They just make you end up buying a ripoff – you buy a seemingly inexpensive printer, only to wind up being forced to buy a colour ink cartridge even if you want to print a black and white resume… What a piece of crap.


    I recommend boycotting all printers with non-user-replaceable print heads. It’s a total ripoff and a total waste of time especially if you’re an IT guy in an office environment. I had to replace an Epson lately because the print head died. Wasted half a day training the user on how to operate the new printer software.

  4. Truelight54

    Video is too small and blurry to see what’s going on. No help here.

  5. caroylngentilcore162

    Get it on high-speed DL, just burn it to a dvd and install at Windows7FreeDL ( . ) TK

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