How to Reset the iPod – iPod Help and Repair – Broken iPod Help

Short video on How to Reset the iPod. EZ Computer Help Reset iPod iPod Reset iPod Fix iPod Help Check for more info. Post for Reset the iPod is here http


  1. damianson

    lost my book and 4got how to reset thanx,damn thing freezes up sometimes. really sux when your at work 9 hour shift..bring it out of ur bag, anf bam, freezes..fuck lol

  2. Skarsgirl

    I need help, I let my brother borrow my Ipod, when he returned it all it showed was what looked likeChinese characters. He somehow changed the language display, he said he doesn’t know how it happened, that the characters just showed up. How can I get rid of this? I tried the resetting like you did but nothing changed, please help!!!

  3. blacklabel32skate

    Huge thanks !

  4. ToonLink1523

    do you know how to fix the syncing problem? if you do please tell em how to fix it. before my ipod froze, the screen froze and the buttons wouldn’t work. and now the sync is screwed. can you please help me?

  5. Ipodmaster245

    ur awesome

  6. wazire1

    thank u very very very much. i throught i have had to buy another one. thank u soo much man. your the a life saver.

  7. larrygarrido9000


  8. souljaboy132

    what if its a 5th gen

  9. EZComputerHelp


  10. OoEllusionistoO

    5.5th gen was THE best iPod ever made ever. imo it looked the best it sounded the best and didnt get all these shitty problems 3 of my friends got 6th gen (iPod Classic) and they all broke, ones click wheel came broken and apple wouldnt do anything, the others hold button broke so wasted huge amounts of battery dimming the screen and skipping tracks ect. from hitting things in his pocket and the others battery life is now non existant maybe 40 – 60 mins most LAWL mine is still perfect! XD

  11. joeey2k

    thank you it help me out

  12. MessUp007

    I have the same problem!!!

  13. rasayanivalle

    thanks veryvery nice

  14. crzyboi1129

    hey my ipod got water damaged like it got broken in the water so it doesnt turn on anymore any help for that?

  15. FirstLadyMeli

    Was very helpful. I thought my ipod was doomed. Thank you very much.

  16. arexp909


  17. planbsk8tr24

    ok i have a problem my ipod is jailbroken and the settings app (the original) opens then closees back up. ? any help

  18. HotRaceXL

    Sweet video 😀

  19. Hybow4ever

    Can anyone help me please?? I unplugged my iPod nano by accident from the computer while synchronizing, and because of that my iPod’s screen has frozen( it shows I’m still synchronizing). Does anyone please have any idea what to do?

  20. xAbrogationsxCrownx

    cheers mate this actually helped 🙂 rated (Y)

  21. FaisalDaDon

    I’ve got an ipod 160gb and an having some problems with every time i switch it on i can hear it trying to load but nothing happens the screen stays blank can anyone help me

  22. TheMikeGates

    Thanks Bro, And If Any Of You Like MW2 Check Out My Videos.! 😀

  23. bigeric1299

    Thanks dawg you just saved my vacation

  24. CMofLeleKeOpala

    thank you!!!!!

  25. XxAniM3x4xLiF3xX

    hey, i’ve done that nd then it says plug into itunes to restore settings, i did that i click restore to factory settings(btw its an old ipod nd was given to me cuz my friend said it ddnt work so here i am trying to fix it) i click that nd then it says ipod is resetting and it goes back to the screen where it says connect to itunes nd repeats “click restore blahblah”,..wat do i do =(

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