How To Reset Ink Levels r285 Continuous Ink System (CISS)

How to reset ink levels on r285 CISS. Some keys notes here: When pressing the ink change (on printer) button just press it once, don’t hold it. When pressing the ink level button on CISS system, hold it for at least 5 seconds this makes the printer believe the cartridges have been removed completely from the system. You have now reloaded your system, enjoy and have a great day from


  1. michaeltue

    I try to do this but ink level stay the same??
    also what is the flip switch below the button?

  2. 64bitbrain

    Its for using an original Epson Cart ontop of the CIS carts, as in the video. If you arent using an Epson cart ontop then the switch needs to be in the correct position. 1 position for no Epson cart and the other for an Epson cart. The Epson cart is not needed unless the printer has trouble with the CIS carts. By putting the Epson cart ontop it uses the info on the Epson cart chip along with the CIS chips to work.

  3. leekucia

    what is the cartridge thing where u are pressing the button its not on my system and i cant get it to work so that may be why?

  4. leekucia

    thanks.. where is it positioned on the chip and how did u manage to stick it down without is moving lol

  5. leekucia

    sorry mine doesn’t have the clip like urs.. i just need to know what position the orig cart chip goes against the reset button

  6. 64bitbrain

    Not all CIS have the cart slot ontop. Its a special clip housing that the epson cart slots/clicks into. Its a fairly new feature on CIS. So thats how its stays ontop, because it has a special holding clip ontop of the CIS cart pack. The button is fairly new also. This is for resetting the ink levels in the CIS cart chips. Most CIS will need the cart pack removing for 30 mins to reset the ink levels, some have an auto reset feature but these are prone to failure.

  7. caverzano

    Have you put a cartridge on the button reset for the fear of broke it when press the button?

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