How to Refill HP 02 Ink Cartridges

HP 02 are easy to refill, much like any other cartridges out there. More info at


  1. deec269

    Thanks ~ you made it so easy !

  2. raindrop2309

    Black. Cartridges can be refilled and work great

  3. ICUC007

    Thanks for this vid. I will try.
    Too bad for me…I was impatient and did a stupid thing before I remembered youtube.
    I put yellow ink into one of the two existing holes on the side where the chip is. Then I sucked it back out with the same syringe. Seems like I sucked out a lot more than I put in. Did I ruin my cartridge. Am I gonna ruin my printer next if I replace this into my printer? signed, dumb dumb impatient.

  4. 81Amberella

    You Rock, and this works Perfectly! Thank you SOOO much…Saved $44.00 today!

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