How to Print Directly on a DVD w/ an Epson Printer

Have you ever wanted to have professional looking labels on your CDs & DVDs? Kerry Decker takes you on a basic tour & clears away the mystery in this How-To for ink jet printing. This tutorial covers Epson’s R280, R380, R800, R1800 & the Photo 1400 ink jet printers. Others may work as well. The software is Epson’s “Print CD Ver 1.31a” I found this process gives professional results over traditional sticky labels that can later peel or the laser-etch method which is good for B&W text only. I …


  1. artisticshit

    do those cd’s with white on top already pre-made and you can buy those on the store or do you have to paste the paper on the cd before you print?

  2. KKD1247

    The CD/DVDs have a special white coating already on them. (Memorex makes them, for instance.) Theres NO pasting of paper – thats why this method is so good. Paper labels may come loose after a while.

  3. artisticshit

    Thanks so much…I have an R1800 and haven’t really used it to its full potential…its been alot of help about the cd printing. If you have a video on cleaning the nozzles on R1800 please let me know.

  4. kuurgen

    Canon printers own epsons as far as speed and print quality.

    Epsons are prone to serious clogging.

    Epson IS garbage.

  5. MidgetDJ

    Awesome! thanks, 🙂

  6. deckelpc

    An Epson R200 also does it as do a few other R model Epsons! ( i’ve got one! )

  7. Interests2009

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. deckelpc

    Search for SSC Service Utility.( free utility) This will clean the nozzles for you on an epson

  9. kuanysh88

    RX700 doesn’t print cd’s?

  10. KKD1247

    Yes it does. Uses a tray just like one in this video.

  11. luckzani

    Where do you get the tray

  12. KKD1247

    Tray is included in box…if your model prints onto CD/DVDs.

  13. haoly123

    Where u u get the software

  14. KKD1247

    The software comes with the printer.

  15. Orionx007

    What type of cd/dvd are you using for printing
    Is it special or just regular cd

  16. KKD1247

    You must use a “Printable” CD/DVD. It has a smooth white printable surface. Regular discs or LightScribe discs will not work.

  17. tealmarlin

    I have an HP printer that does the same thing, prints come out looking Fantasic! and only takes about 1 min to print on a Printable dvd/cd extra fine matt surface.

  18. DMagers

    I use the Canon MP-830 and it is also difficult to see and align the arrows on the tray and tray. There is room on the inside for a puck size stick on LED lamp to illuminated the inside of the feed area. Maybe that might help….

  19. racketer


  20. HDsharp

    How much did your HP printer cost you?

  21. HDsharp

    How do I make the white empty looking DVD/CD?

  22. KKD1247

    The plain white discs must be purchased. Available at electronic stores and many office supply shops.

  23. tealmarlin

    used on ebay for 39.00 GBP or about $70.00. New for about 60.00 GBP or about just under $100.00

  24. HDsharp

    Thanks! people.

  25. movingdigi


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