How to make a Real Rorschach mask that changes and moves.

Using Thermochromic paint pigment and clear screen printing base, you can now make an ink blot mask that changes like the character Rorschach from the movie the watchmen. As you breath in and out, the color of the mask changes from black to white wherever the wearer’s breath hits it and warms it to a point above 86 degrees F. … Rorschach Mask changing comic-con thermochromic paint pigment screen printing ink dye black color blot how to make real moving watchmen …


  1. masterjon3

    that’s amazing

  2. BentleyBurlesque

    Damn, i want one.
    If your not already, you could set up a site and make some money from this 🙂

  3. Keenanterry


  4. SwampLord9

    Coolest thing ever

  5. constintean

    wife beater
    bad joke

    demented easter bunny

  6. thenormalguy93

    i’ve been thinking about making one, ill let everyone here know how it goes. and if it goes well then ill put up a site and a vid here and sell then for a reasonable price ( nothing in the $100 dollar range. )

  7. rust1975

    You can already get some good ones with different pattern options on Ebay, some for way less than $100… Check out the vids there!

  8. sirfrunky

    can you see out of it? oh and thank you for showing how to make a rorschach mask. it looks so cool!

  9. DORproductions117

    Yes, you can see out, if you get a thin enough fabric.

  10. Nixlplix

    This would be so awesome. I’m settling for sharpie on tights, which looks decent enough.

  11. soi5aUcE

    can i use like khaki colored leggings for this?

  12. Jukesette

    You’re awesome! Thank you for putting this up.

    I have been looking for someone who shows a step-by-step tutorial on making thermochromic paint. You saved my Halloween costume this year. 😀

  13. TheMetallicFloyd

    thats hot

  14. alyssaquay12

    is this for real ….. i want one……wow

  15. Silentbob77772002

    Can you see?

  16. proman909

    Im going back to school wearing this mask 🙂

  17. proman909

    In fact u can sell a bunch of these on Ebay. By the way can u still see threw the mask

  18. dark3rbol

    where to get the transparent base if you’re in singapore?

  19. Calebmonolith

    Hello, they sell this ink in hardware stores or bookshops since I cannot find her, someone can say to me that chain of hardware stores or bookshops they sell them
    I am from Chile
    Thank you

    PD:Sorry for my bad english i am using a Translator

  20. gDisk12

    do u wrap the wifebeetr (however u spell it) around ur head? does it affect ur lungs is u have asthma?
    plz respond 🙂

  21. agorillae2

    This is awesome! I’m gonna try it someday. Thanks for posting this, cause I never knew wht substance to use to make the ink blot. thanks again!

  22. famousfreind

    for real because i have i hav azma and i realy want a mask of rorshach

  23. famousfreind

    im kind of scared to do mines because i might mess up 🙁 o well ill askmy dad he so fuckin good at building stuff 😀

  24. famousfreind

    wait wait wait wat is the robe name bro i waqnt to know the name i know the hat is a fodera

  25. famousfreind

    omg dude u rock hard man i got a better mask now i hav my sostume of rorshach and also i can see throgh it and now its moving bro yourock

  26. Dragonaki

    Its cool but is not like on movie its like when you open eyes,or when u move lips only like that,we need mask what will change her every second not like i move my eyes or lips… this is not good…

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