How To Install Epson r285 Continuous Ink System (CISS)

A quick and simple guide on how to install the epson r285 continuous ink system. Which is cheap, fast and easy to use. Some key notes: Keep ink tanks level with base of printer. Make sure air filters are pushed in tight, without forcing and breaking the tank. Make sure when fitting ink system in printer that it is actually clipped all the way in. For problems with changing ink levels please see our other video. Have a great day from 3000rpm….


  1. natz1234

    thanx pal much needed info thank you for the share

  2. 3000rpmdotcom

    Glad the video could be of use too you. 🙂

  3. DundeeBands

    haha you guys have a youtube account to! whos hands is that? bobbys? never knew you guys had time on your hands to make youtube vids haha… oh what was that recorded with? and do you sell it lol becuases it a very clear video 🙂

  4. hoowootube

    wow, I’ve gone deaf, but at least I think my paint is dry now….

  5. afrokun

    the genuine cartridge use for what???

  6. rwbuswell

    Hey! This is great – unlike the Chinese instructions that came with the CISS. Just got the printer going with those lovely *big* ink bottles – ah! so much print – so little money!

  7. sugarpuddin88

    Don’t attempt a CIS on an Epson RX 680

    I have yet to find any CIS system to work on it!

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