How to fix Waste Ink Absorber Error Pixma iP1500 Part 2

How to fix the Canon Pixma iP1500 “Waste Ink Absorber Full” error – Part 2 This is part 2, I show you how to reset your printer’s internal firmware, but please note that you should follow my video of part 1 here: so that you properly clean the waste ink absorbers. Failure to clean them could result in ink leakage all over your desk! Download the iP1500 Service Tool here: RapidShare Mirror:


  1. undercoveron

    excellent this really helped me thanks

  2. adolfocaz

    I spent a hole day, trying to read every blog, with instructions, worthless! but your video saved me, thanks for taking the time to share! it makes a difference 😉

  3. jwv8518

    good work althought you could have told me to be careful with the springs at the bottom fo that p[art you told us to just slide it down anyways can you please upload the service toll on rapidshare or something file factory is gay

  4. cubedgame

    I uploaded the Service Tool to RapidShare, the link is in the description now.

  5. Hastedtspark

    wuoo man..!!
    This really works..!!
    Spent time Trying to read instructions so., ,.,
    really THANKS..!! u r the man..!!

  6. geochafg

    man this is awesome!Do you know if there is a service tool to the new ip4600?
    Is it possible to disable the auto cleaning cycles?

    Thanks a lot!!!!

  7. cubedgame

    There probably is a tool for the ip4600, but I have only worked with the ip1500 so I really do not know.

    As far as auto-cleaning cycles, if you’re talking about the down time between prints, I don’t know if you can disable those and I wouldn’t recommend it if you can.

  8. kostas2000

    You are my hero!!! : )
    You have made an excellent guide that saved me a lot of time!!!

  9. loginfailed09

    You’re the best man! I did the same and I solved the probleme! Thank you!

  10. hdtb9

    yes…5+star for you

  11. Ebpryla

    i’ve made everything you said in this 2 videos… and everything goes perfect.. but at the end, when im trying to run the patch, it doesn’t respond… do you have any idea of what is going on?
    please help me!!! thanks a lot!!

  12. gweick

    Thanks. It all works fine. But now when I try to download the service tool I cannot use it because I have a Mac. Is there a service tool supported by Mac OS X?

  13. cubedgame

    I don’t know of one, you may have to search for it but I doubt there is. Worst case scenario, just bring the printer and the program over to a friend’s house that has a PC. It takes less than 30 seconds to reset the firmware with the tool.

  14. jennafos

    hi.. im not a techie person so i kinda have this hope for my old printer here.. does the same procedure apply for ip1000? how abt the sevice tool? hope u can help me with this.. thnks in advance..

  15. cubedgame

    I have no idea about the ip1000. They look about the same, but I have only worked on ip1500’s. I’m almost certain you will need to find another service tool as well. Good luck!

  16. Sue10G

    Have just followed your instructions for cleaning the waste ink absorbers-just brilliant-everything works as it should afterwards.Thanks very much. I want to reset the counter with the service tool. Please can you send me the link or tell me where to find it. Thanks in advance!

  17. cubedgame

    There’s two links in the “More Info” section of the video.

  18. Sue10G

    Sorry for being so thick but where do I find the “More Info” section of the video-I have played it all the way through several times but I cant find it. Thanks.

  19. cubedgame

    To the right of the video. Towards the top it’s got my account name, then the date this video was posted, then “more info”; click that and you’ll see the links.

  20. jennafos

    thanks a lot! if it werent because of this instructional video, i wouldnt have figured out my printer still has a hope.. mine is a different model, i just searched for the service tool..and voila!! it works like brand new.. the manual reset works great as well.. thank you so much..

  21. cruzmarga30

    Thank you very much for this video, I call differents techs and they want to charge me more than $100 for clean the absorbers but with your videos everything works great and for free. Thanks again

  22. manderlyh

    I’m also not able to get the tool to respond.

    It comes up, etc., but I am not able to actually reset the counter. I took the printer apart and cleaned it just like you showed me to, but now the service tool isn’t working!


  23. aryanarch

    thanx very much

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