How to fix Waste Ink Absorber Error Pixma iP1500 Part 1

Part 1: How to clean the waste ink absorber on the Canon Pixma iP1500. Part 2 shows you how to reset the printer:


  1. joegrind11

    great info thanks bro

  2. thekanester

    What a thoughtful post, thanks.

  3. grahss69

    Thanks a lot!

  4. kengtsu

    Thanks for posting this. It looks easy, but to anyone planing to try this I’d advise against it. Everything is snug and back as it was, but the printer head does not move anymore. Also wanted to mention the 5 springs along the bottom of that plate section that just fall out once it’s out, but are a total b%#ch to get back in. Don’t know why it won’t work anymore, but the thing’s toast now. Anyway, I admire your skills, but alas I am not up to the challenge.
    Thanks anyways

  5. rakeau

    Good vid, except the paper backing at 5:10, when I tried to reassemble mine there was no conceivable way to refit it. Whatever I tried it would sit awkwardly and wouldn’t work. I couldn’t figure it out.

    I would advise checking how it sits in the motor/cog assembly before removal, as opposed to just popping/ripping it out – it has a tab on the right hand side which sits amongst everything there somehow. Bar this, everything else simple enough.

    Sigh, new printer time.

  6. cruzmarga30

    Thank you very much for this video, I follow every step and my printer works like new.

  7. SuperYokito

    hey me also problem error 27 of canon mp198 how could i reset it

  8. thebesther

    This is awesome. Thanks, man. I had some trouble getting the casing off with the top rear clips, so I used a screw driver. When I put it back together, I started to freak out because it wasn’t printing properly, but after cleaning the heads, it worked perfectly.

    Thanks again!

  9. tehdarkcloud

    1) I’m a girl
    2) I did just fine
    3) Quit being stereotypical.

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