How to fix an HP Printer using Oxy-Acetylene

All I wanted to do was print one damn page that I can have copied to make labels for my Benderbrau beer on my little used HP printer and the bloody thing wouldn’t work. Paper kept sticking, the ink cartridges were gummed up and eventually the thing stopped working and wouldn’t switch on. I got a little annoyed that it was broken so I fixed it. With my oxy-acetylene welding/cutting torch. Yes, it has probably cost me more that the printer was worth in oxygen/acetylene …


  1. wucherer

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  2. wucherer

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  3. wucherer

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  4. alphawolf53

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    Could you point out where exactly you had any intelligent comments? I seem to remember something about cheese sandwiches… I agree they’re tasty, but any four year old can pretty much master that topic.

  5. alphawolf53

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  6. alphawolf53

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  7. almostincognito

    wow, this thread is really hard to follow, I think people have been deleting their comments. However, I’m glad to see the topic of the last few weeks die.

    regardless, awesome video, I think the initial problem might have been your little actuator gears there on the left. They move the ink cartridge from side to side. If you’d just focused your weld on that it would have done the job, although this technique works well, too.

  8. wucherer

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  9. alphawolf53

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  10. cptshark

    here we are trying to stop destroying the planet and there you are burning a printer.. well done

  11. gay4prophetmohammed

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  12. cptshark

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  13. manbearpig900

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  14. rawirig

    lol nice

  15. dontswin

    GOOD ONE! HaHa

  16. dontswin

    I have a HP C4385 printer right here that has caused more FIGHTS in my house!
    NEVER EVER will I buy another HP printer, this one here is only 13 months old and honest we NEVER EVER printed even 75 pages from it! I had it working then I didn’t, then like 3 in the morning pages are coming out all by themselves.
    HP printers SUCK ! HP you’ll never get another nickel towards printer CRAP FROM ME! I shouldn’t need a MASTERS DEGREE in COMPUTER SCIENCE to keep a printer running! HP SUCKS!

  17. opferte

    Global warming is the biggest farce ever hoisted on humanity. Also, you need to lighten up. I wouldn’t have used the fire extinguisher. But it was a good fix.



  19. johnbarbera123

    well. it works better now than it did when it wasnt burnt.

  20. bikemech121

    You should have used a wet cloth on the lid to stop the heat from distorting it, without the lid dust may enter and ruin the quality of the print. What size of nozzle did you use and did you piss on it before or after you burned it?

  21. DasAntiNaziBroetchen

    the cherry on the cake would be if you would have pissed on it in the end! XDD

    btw, does it work now?^^

  22. richsmile376

    i like the new sleek black color=) looks like an epson now!hahahaa

  23. picklesrule69

    i had the same one as this years ago.. it sucks!

  24. orpanyd


  25. phantasm48

    lol, dumbass snuffs out the torch. Obviously you can’t fix your printer and apparently not too much better operating your torch. Thanks for burning that plastic, whereas it could’ve been recycled. Now I can breath just a littler worse thanks to you.

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